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Taghazout, a small fishing village, is a trip that will stay forever in my archive, filed under: AWESOME! Enjoy reading!

There are thousands of beautiful places you can go to on this planet, places that will blow you away with its immense beauty, overwhelming nature and suffocating kindness. You go there, have a nice time, enjoy it for a while, come back home, brag about it and then it slowly fades away from your memory, as it was just a dream. And then there are places that look rather crappy, everything is chaotic, people occasionally shout at you, because you refuse to pay more money than needed to park your car, and so on. Sounds like a wrong booked holiday, isn’t it? No, this is a trip that will stay forever in my archive, filed under: AWESOME!

Foto © Blue Waves Morocco

I’m talking about Taghazout, a small fishing village 19 km north of Agadir, in the south-west of Marocco. Last year Filip, my business-partner in HAVEN, manager of Arsenal and good friend, and I headed out there for a couple of days to go surfing. Taghazout is literally a one-street village, not even a kilometer in length, with 5 restaurants, 3 surf shops, a hostel and some apartments for rent. The village get its money from fishing, the production of Aragon oil and tourism. Well, tourism not in its largest definition, because there is really nothing to see, nothing to do. But, there is this vast ocean, and its 12 amazing spots to go surfing, from beginners-level to advanced. 

Through the local hostel (well local, it’s owned by an Englishman) SURF BERBER, we rented a modest, simple but very cosy apartment with view on the Panorama spot, and, in the morning, view on a women’s yoga-session. In the morning, you can take your breakfast in the hostel, everything you like for 2,5 euro, under an umbrella on the cliffs, facing the ocean. What a starter of the day!

Foto © Surf Camp Taghazout

As we didn’t know the place that well, we adopted a local surfer, Zouhir Hnina, who would take us to the best places in town. Zouhir is a very sweet and funny guy that knows his way around, so I can recommend him to everyone that lands in Taghazout. He took us to this one place, called Anza. Filip had heard about it and wasn’t that stoked to go there, because it was the very first surfspot if you come from Agadir, and it’s still near the industrial zone. But Zounir convinced us, saying that it was the very best spot, with the best conditions, and he was right. The waves were awesome, the place was practically empty, we met some great locals and challenged them in a game of petanque (they were legendarily good, we legendarily sucked). Ten minutes after the game, we saw them jump into the ocean and they rode the waves like half-gods.

Foto © Hungry Walrus

Point is: the beaches aren’t pretty and clean, everything is very basic and there is no alcohol for sale. But we had a blast of a time and I will always remember that trip. Thanks to Filip and Zounir.

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