Aan de telefoon met Jannike Sommar

Aan de telefoon met Jannike Sommar


De Zweedse Jannike Sommar studeerde dit jaar af aan de Antwerpse Modeacademie en ze deed dat met glans! Wij beloonden haar met onze ‘Certificate of Amazingness’.

5 jaar geleden verhuisde Jannike Sommar van Stockholm naar Antwerpen om er te studeren aan de modeacademie. Daarvoor was ze ook al bezig met creatieve studies en stages. Nederlands is nog wat moeilijk voor haar, dus we interviewden haar in het Engels.

How come you chose to study fashion in Antwerp and not in Sweden?

“My first plan was to study fashion in higher education in Sweden, but I didn’t pass the entrance exam. That’s when I decided to go to London, which opened up my view: I didn’t have to study in Stockholm. I soon realised that I really wanted to study in Antwerp and it felt like a good decision.”

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned at the Academy?

“First of all I’ve learned to express my own personality. I also got better at making decisions and being true to myself. I think I learned a lot on both the practical and the personal level. I practised a lot of skills, but I also got to know myself more.”

Is there something you wanted to learn there, but didn’t?

“No, not really. Maybe I would have liked to learn more about the business part: what you have to do when you get out in the real world. But I’m sure I will learn that part when I start to work. It’s difficult to have it all in school, because the focus is mainly on the creative process and I think that’s a good thing. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I’ll learn it along the way.”

Aan de telefoon met Jannike Sommar
Foto © Mariona Puig

Why did you choose to study fashion? Has it always been your dream?

“Not really. I’ve been a creative person since I was a child. I knew quite fast that I needed to do something creative, but fashion wasn’t obvious from the beginning. A little later I realised that this is the world that I love. It’s nice to create something that you can wear & to create a style.”

As a master student, you had the chance to present a collection of 12 silhouettes in the show. We loved your collection and gave you the Belmodo Award. Where did you find the inspiration for your collection ‘Miss’?

“The story is based on the American TV series ‘Orange is the new black’, about women in prison. In prison there is no option of what to wear. They get an oversized overall, as if they would all be the same. But they are all different with their own personalities. Some are comfortable in this masculine oversized look and others would prefer to wear something more feminine and pretty. To create their personalities, they have to use what they have in prison, to style themselves. I first looked at the ads on the series, because they use very funny slogans and pictures. There is for example a girl in one of the ads with toilet paper in her hair, because she’s a bride. I imitated the toilet paper by making a print and printed it on a light cotton. I made dresses out of sheets, one of them is a wedding dress. I also made some overalls with handwriting, to count the days until the women are out of prison."

Aan de telefoon met Jannike Sommar
Foto © Mariona Puig

"I called the collection ‘miss’, because missing is very present in prison: you miss your loved ones from the outside. A bit unconsciously, I started to adapt my own missing to the story, because I wanted to make it more personal. I miss my girlfriend very much, because she lives in Paris, but I pretended she was in prison and wrote her a love letter. This came out as embroideries on a sheet, which I turned into a dress. I also made illustrations of my own tattoos, which you can see in the embroideries on the socks. In the end I decided to have a bit of a mood change. I did some pop art pieces of the inmates, more abstract to the story. Therefore, I used a patchwork technique, which resulted in poppy, more colourful pieces. These pieces are very typical for me and I wanted to show that I could also do other things.”

Which piece of your collection was the hardest to make? And which is your favourite?

“The silver dress was the hardest, because the fabric was so fragile. It fell apart as soon as you cut it, so it was a little tricky to make. My last silhouette is my favourite: the silver coat with the red mouse.”

Aan de telefoon met Jannike Sommar
Foto © Mariona Puig

Is there an evolution in quality from the first piece of your collection to the last?

“No, some pieces are indeed stronger than other ones, but I’ve been working on everything at the same time. I started with the 5 first, but I kept editing them afterwards. There’s no fixed order.”

What are your plans after the Antwerp Fashion Academy? Will you be launching a fashion label?

“Eventually I want to launch my own fashion label, because it’s been my goal since I started with fashion. But first I really want to work a little. I’m going to start applying for internships now, to get some work experience. There are a few options where I can see myself working, like Moschino, Balenciaga or Acne. I’m not longing to move back to Sweden. I’m actually very flexible, so I’ll see where the opportunities come up.”

Wij hopen binnenkort nog meer te horen van Jannike Sommar en wensen haar veel succes met de uitbouw van haar modecarrière!

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