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Hi, this is your pregnant nag speaking, trying to cut herself a little bit of slack like colleague A.

Hi, this is your pregnant nag speaking, trying to cut herself a little bit of slack like colleague A. suggested. Sweet and totally well intended, but then again she just doesn’t know what it feels like to carry around 15 kgs of extra weight, to not being able to sit in the same position for at least 20 seconds, to have lost control of every abdominal muscle that ever existed and to have continuous sweet, sour and salty cravings… All at pretty much the same time, which in my case results in me digesting salty licorice, fruit, sour sticks, nuts and a piece a chocolate simultaneously: disgusting indeed!

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I feel mostly like a ticking emotional bomb, I also consider myself as flabby, like a jelly dessert and my dearest libido has touched rock bottom where it seems to be quite comfortable and at ease. Pretty disturbing and to think that intercourse after birth is a no go till at least 6 weeks after having had your baby… interesting no? What having a baby turns you into... sigh!

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I’m 33 weeks through this 3rd pregnancy and somehow I seem to feel every single symptom extra hard. I’ve been told that having a third kid is indeed a tad bit more painful and I must admit that I often feel so much more helpless than during my other pregnancies. Mentally it’s killing me as I’m not usually the type of person that complains or suffers from this type of state of immobility. Perhaps this time around I’m growing a baby boy and maybe it’s my body reacting to the testosterone in me. Soon to be revealed!

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In the meantime I’ve started making a mental list of the things I’ll be needing in the hospital. I’ve also washed all the little first outfits I bought and my Clio Maternity Bag is practically ready to go… Thank you by the way dear Clio for creating a baby bag that actually looks great!

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I’ve officially been living in kaftans lately and attire that feels airy and breezy as I’m suffering from continuous hot flashes. I am totally aware of the fact that these can look extremely voluminous on my current curves, but my current state of mind is on “whatever”.

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Luckily fashion has some amazing exemplars to offer, like this Ganni kaftan that I wear, wash, wear, wash and wear again on repeat.

I have become one with this pretty piece and therefor would gladly like to continue life as KaftanKirilove your beloved pregnant nag.

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