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I have this thing for lotions & potions! My mommy taught me young and always told me to take great care of my skin and I’m pretty much sure that this wisdom has brought me this far without any major imperfections… Obviously age and a crazy way of life (work and family) have had an impact on the radiance of my skin, but other than that I’m pretty okay, I think. 

I like changing my skin routine habits every now and then and Caudalie has forever been on my favourites list. Why? Because I’ve had great experiences with this French brand and also because I adore their philosophy of letting nature bring out the best in you. 

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I’ve also been blessed (trust me you are blessed) with a visit to the ever so iconic Spa De Caudalie nearby Bordeaux. This haven of beauty, wellness and rest is extraordinary and so are their ‘soins’ that pamper you and have you looking all radiant in no time. It’s a mind-boggling experience, one that I strongly advice if you ever have the opportunity.

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Anyway, I’m talking morning and evening routine here and revealing some of my little secrets, so lets get on with that.

I may or may not have time to have a proper breakfast every morning, but what I always do is a quick pampering of the skin and that means, serum, eye cream and moisturizer… never without! Evenings are no exception and no matter how late, I always do a quick cleanse and moisturizing too.

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Caudalie recently launched their Vine[Activ] products which in fact were created for ladies on the run juggling a career, a family and a social life… summarized; ladies with a super active life and obviously I felt very much addressed. In the meantime it has been 7 days since I started using the range and I even made it properly through Paris Fashion Week, a little miracle considering that the days are long and the nights extremely short.

The textures of the products are light and fresh and are super well absorbed by your skin leaving it feeling comfortable, moisturized and remarkably more radiant. Obviously it’s not easy to really notice the results on yourself, but people have been complimenting me with the appearance of my skin and that totally tops the extremely satisfying experience of using the Vine[Activ]range.

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Go ahead, try it out and thank me for it later. And while you’re at it keep these Kirilove tips & tricks in mind, as I guarantee you they will help your skin become gorgeous.

Kirilove beauty hacks that will help you look the part

  • It’s a cliché but oh so true: drink enough water, hydration is key.
  • Use the Detox Night oil to revitalize your skin. That means that if you have to continue after a long day and go into the night, you just dab on some oil and let it blend in with your make-up so it looks all-fresh again.
  • Wash your face every night and pamper it thoroughly, do not go to sleep with make-up on. It’s really only a 5 minutes job and I promise you that your skin will benefit a lifetime of it as skin recovers during sleep.   
  • Massage your face during your shower; try tapping in circles to increase the blood circulation and obtain a better skin complexion.
  • Use a washing cloth to cleanse your skin; the best ones are the baby clothes (the ones used as a swaddle) as they are gentle for your skin but also manage to exfoliate enough and remove microscopic pieces of dry skin. 

If you want to try out my tips with the wonderfull Vine[Activ]range by Caudalie yourself, just go over to the competition page on Belmodo and go ahaed and sign up. Good luck! 

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