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Geschreven door Sandra Sandor

My recent favourite book is an enchanting story about a girl who brought the stolen time back to people.

Although it was written in the 70s, its message is becoming more and more relevant for me. It is becoming a bigger and bigger challenge to find the balance between hard work and leisure, and don’t let your time slip out of your fingers. This book is an amazing translation of how you can get into a vicious circle by constant expectations. 

Momo is my recent favourite book
Foto © Michael Ende

The main character, Momo is a daring spirit who has the wisdom of the old and the lightness and playfulness of a child - she is ageless in her spirit and her style. Through her journey she helps the people get back their stolen time and restores the balance in the universe.

Momo’s unique and rich character was also the muse of the Nanushka Autumn / Winter ’16 collection appearing in diverse themes and contrasting materials, reflecting perfectly her sophisticated personality. I believe that everyone has to find their own “Momo” and listen to their inner voice to keep harmony and peace in every aspects of life. 

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