There’s a Kate Spade for all of us


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

Yours truly was invited last week to lovely London to attend the opening of the brand new Kate Spade store on Regent Street. It turned out to be Kate Spade paradise!

The Kate Spade store is a true little piece of heaven on earth for those who enjoy a dash of colour in their lives. An amazing cute & gigantic shop dedicated to this fun brand, filled with the cute bags, clutches, accessories, clothes and even an entire space dedicated to the Kate Spade home deco collection. To my delight there was also a mini Kate Spade corner with cute little colourful goodies for the mini Kate Spade fans.

“She considers leopard print a neutral and shiny accents a necessity.”

I loved the entire interior of the Regent Street store, the striped black & white wallpaper, the witty quotes on mirrors and walls, the lamps and heaps of golden details and pastel hues all over the place. Kate Spade is the type of brand that will put a smile upon your face and isn’t that what we all need in this crazy world? 

Turns out that there is a lovely Kate Spade for all of us, for the audacious ladies that like witty purses, for the cool chicks that love to make a statement and for the distinguished Mademoiselles that prefer a minimalistic detail.

Foto © Belmodo

I wish-listed heaps of cute bags like the 'It’s all an act' clutch and the Popcorn bag; I also fell in love with the Bee Bag and the Golden Bee striped clutch. Fun times guaranteed with all these pretty bags and just the perfect type of accessory to make your outfit look extraordinary great.  

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