The Tom Woods love affair


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

This week has once more got me crushing on the fabulous rings of Norwegian brand Tom Wood…

Belmodo - Tom Wood - The Tom Woods Love Affair
Foto © Tom Wood

I had somehow suppressed my love for their iconic signet ring because of the fact that I find it a mission impossible to order a ring online. But now that these beauties have touched base in little Belgium my heart has started pounding again…

I first noticed these babies a couple of fashion weeks ago, where unknown but nevertheless intriguing personages were practically covered in these rather masculine pieces of jewelry… Knuckles full of divine signet rings, it was love at first sight.

After some extended research it turned out Tom Wood was the label responsible for my new crush. A Tom Wood is, what I call, a good investment as their simple and androgynous designs will last a lifetime. 

Yes, indeed, you have to count on at least 320 of your precious euros before you become the prestigious owner of a TW ring, but the cost per wear ratio will totally justify the price you pay and besides you only live once, right?!

To my delight, this iconic signet ring is now available in Antwerp based shop Damoy. This means that my next journey to Antwerp will have me splurging –again. Wish me luck and the strength to not fall in love with too many exemplars.

P.S. I just got informed about the fact that Damoy not only stocks the rings and fabulous bracelets and necklaces, but also the perfect tailored designs of the Tom Wood women’s wear collection… there goes the budget!

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