The stunner


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

We all have that one dress, we immediately feel like a princess with. We call it the stunner!

Sometimes you bump into dresses that are not necessarily needed like immediately, but deep down inside you know that someday they will come in handy and serve a greater purpose and simultaneously they’ll have you looking all stunning, genre Belle of the Ball #sorrynotsorry.

So because you want to be well prepared for one of those moments in life - that are really bound to happen - you do crazy things and buy princess attire as if your life depended on it.

The stunner
Foto © Dirk Alexander

Introducing one of those to-die-for beautiful frocks designed by Italian label Pinko. Currently cherished as one of my favourite acquisitions and also waiting on an invitation to some fabulous party to shine bright. 

Please don’t hesitate to send your meticulously calligraphed carton invites my way, I RSVP pretty much immediately… I am after all a very polite girl, quoi!

The stunner
Foto © Dirk Alexander


Hair and make-up by Kim Theylaert

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