The man behind Kim


Geschreven door Kim Stumpf

In this hectic fashion scene it's always good to have someone around who keeps you going. For me, that's my lovely husband, Robert. He's my soundboard. The man who says 'just continue'.

We met at the Antwerp Academy in the year 2000. Me, at that time, being a student in the sculpture class, he graduated as a painter, under guidance painter Fred Bervoets. We were close friends, had inspiring conversations about art, music ... just life. And then we lost track for about 10 Years. Blown by the wind, we met again and we made a sweet baby girl!

Foto © Kim Stumpf

Together with my daughter just picking out all new fabrics for my FW2014 collection. All handwoven and made of recycled wool fibres.

During my pregnancy he was a very brave man and built me a new studio!

He's not only crafty, he's an earthed and artistic man. Here you can see 1 of his paintings: "a sunday in april".

Foto © Kim Stumpf

1 of our latest projects together was this summer collection campagin.

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