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Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

Scandinavische, minimalistische labels doen het goed in de modewereld. Het label Filippa K introduceert nu in België een online shop. Yaay!

It’s been a week full of lovely celebrations, including my birthday on August the 13th, which ended up being a historical day… not only because I turned 37 (somebody help me!) but also because one of my besties gave birth to her so long awaited twins... welcome dear Jack & Leon!

Besides all these great and magical festivities, I also celebrated the Belgian e-commerce birth of one of my favorite Scandi brands; Filippa K, as they launched their web shop for Belgium on the 13th. This means you no longer have to leave the comfort of your lazy couch to shop the entire selection of Filippa K Woman (and Man), including the Filippa K soft sport collection and all the pretty accessories the brand sells.

Eureka! And just what I needed as at almost 38 weeks of pregnancy I have become a bit immobile, but yet I’m dreaming and craving fall/winter 2015 and the possibility of finally being able to wear fashion without having my dearest baby bump.

So as a treat to myself (because I’ve reached the respectable age of 37) I decided to already order 5 items that I’m hoping to be able to wear very, very soon.

Oh and the good news…  shipping is for free until the 31st of August!

Enjoy the shopping ladies!

*Drapey Sweat Top: because I’m addicted to these type of sporty but elegant tops that’ll look great on your every day jeans, but also with a 70’s inspired skirt.

*Wrap Button Skirt: this slim A-line burgundy leather skirt is a total must-have for fall as it fits into the retro ‘70’s trend (which I haven’t had the chance to sport) but still looks sleek & cool just the way it should. 

*Tunic Dress: pure effortless elegance for the perfect minimalistic chic.

*Merino Rib Button Top: super classy and a rib knit merino that will come of multiple use this winter.

*Farah Belt Coat: because I’m a sucker for blue, classy coats that will transcend trends and become evergreens in your closet… a timeless piece which I’m pretty sure I’ll son be able to enjoy

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