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Geschreven door Kim Stumpf

As a former drummer, I just love to listen to percussions when it comes to music. For me they can feel jazzy, or even stormy, like just beats, basses, rhythms and vibrations.

Those undertones support me during all hectic times. You know during the usual run and during my creative process. Good music can simply make my day, for me music is an excellent way to get energy.

Energy is one of the most important things in life. It's something that drives us further. Reflecting on myself, I discovered that the pieces of music I selected for you to enjoy are often part of a soundtrack

Because of my background as a former art student, painter and sculptor, I would call myself a strongly visual person. I must admit I just adore working with my hands, and my eyes. During the day it's like my eyes are continuously consolidating all that I am registrating. I'm especially attracted by the aesthetics of an image, always associated with sound. Both emphasize and reinforce eachother in both ways.

It can tell you something about composition, colour filters and even bring yourself back to important memories. When I hear a song, I remember exactly under which conditions I heard it for the first time. I can smell the aromatic plant substances from the coast line, I can feel the wind breeze, or experience the temperature again and even see all the colors from back then around me again. It can bring me in a very good mood instantly. I just need it deeply.

I'm quite sensitive for noise. Like aggressive city sounds can totally bring me out of order. Sound that is being forced by the environment can be highly disruptive. It can interfer my concentration or pull me out of an inspirational dream. To escape from those bad noises, I just use music as a healing thing, almost a spiritual aspect.

With great pleasure I can share my special playlist with you. So sit back, just close your eyes and put on the volume!

Drumsolo - Santana Soul Sacrifice - with percussions of course

Movies I really adore are Vengo, Biutiful, Todo Sobre Mi Madre, Vicky Christina Barcelona with the crazy Penelope. I just lover her!

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