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Geschreven door Clio Goldbrenner

Meet these 4 lovely 'Clio Goldbrenner'-girls.

Instead of giving my idea of the brand, what's better than to let some of the owners of Clio bags tell what they think about it. We asked 4 girls to tell us their story.

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Juggling between her work life and her biggest passion, raising her 2 adorable kids, Coralie symbolises the free and dynamic woman. She has been following the brand for 3 years already, enjoying our evolution and priding herself on being 1 of our biggest supporters!

When she talks about our bags, her voice is full of enthusiasm and recognition:

“A lot of style, classy, with beautiful colours and great quality. ”

If she had to choose 2 words defining us, they would be CHIC & SOBER, the perfect compromise to face the obstacles and challenges of the daily life!

Her favourite style: she loves to wear her Athena bag in a more laid-back style, with cool sneakers, a jeans or even a boyfriend pants!

Foto © Belmodo

Marie is 20 years old and is studying Law at St Louis University in Brussels. Being a young student, loving to go out with her friends and to travel, she loves a practical bag that she can wear in all circumstances. She learned about the brand more or less 3 years ago when she was shopping at Fort Jaco in Bonzai + boutique.

Since then her love for the bags hasn’t diminished.

“They are pretty, simple and practical without taking of the elegance of the product or becoming to bling-blingy. there is a large choice of colors and the quality is great! also what motivates her to buy clio goldbrenner's bags even more is that they are belgian.”

Foto © Belmodo

Françoise, ambitious, implicated in her life and full of dynamism, is a 40 years old lawyer who loves fashion and combines perfectly her work life and the education of her 2 children. She discovered the brand at its birth and when we ask her what she loves about us, her answer is:

“I love the leather, the colours, and the way the collections keep on evolving with fashion while keeping they ingenious and practical aspects.”

She loves to wear the bag in a more relaxed way, with cool platform sneakers and a scarf matching with the colour of the bag!

Her quote: “Stylished and trendy, that’s how I would define the brand.”

Foto © Belmodo

Dominique discovered the brand reading an online fashion magazine on the summer 2011 and immediately fell in love with Clio Goldbrenner’s creations. She is a PR agent for Wallonie-Bruxelles Design/Mode and after having the opportunity to meet the designer it confirmed her crush on it.

“Clio is an amazing woman.”

Apparently with more than 1 bag she has a new favourite each season, but if she had to choose 1 of them it would be the Aphrodite Star, the most practical bag she has ever known.

“I can wear it when the sun is shining, the rain is pouring and with different styles.”

“I love the leather used by clio, the shape of her designs and the names she gives to each bag that have that story behind making us dream. overall her gold mesh … the most beautiful signature!”

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