The end!


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Ohh babe don't cry I'll be back! They have doubled their viewers apparently because of me so... maybe Belmodo.tv is ready to pay a lot of money ready for me?? (I hope the message is clear:-)).

Ahhh!!! It's good to be back, I swear! Everything is glowing here. In my mail box I found a note this morning "It's too big for you pigeon hole so you'll find your present in the big black bag at your office". I just realized it's my birthday in a few days... but let's not go there ... (Peter Pan - syndrome).

But, look what was in the bag:

I have been looking for a leopard coat for ages. My friends know me so well, hmmm leopard for the winter ... leopard for the summer. For the little minded that think people are stupied enough to still kill animals and shout "murder" at me when I am just being fabulous with this coat, be aware! Now the fur is coming from proper farms from Denmark, Sweden or Norway. And over there everything is controlled. 

But let's not hang out too much in the office... our accountancy lady is here and if I stay she will start to ask me too much questions. "How come you have spent € 100.000 in New York last week?", ahhhh get a life lady?!

Anyway, it's all about the crystal no??

Look at our dearest Narelle Doré. She and I were at school together and since then she is doing her own art. She is the expert of macramé and since a few months she can't stop experimenting with crystals! She is growing it on this rock since a few days.

It's like being in the sea... Narelle is extremely talented and she does her own blog too: Coated Arms. You will appreciate the lay out and the poetry behind it.

RA is always closed on Monday and Tuesday. So when we don't grow crystal on rocks we also sometimes do meeting. It's 11AM and I can't wait to see Andrea Cammarosano. He is coming to show us his collection and Anna & I can have a look and buy some styles. 

Of course we immediately fell in love with this 'I will always love you' shirt! His collection deals with cowboys... but very sexy ones:

Ahhahaa our dear little Andrea! He was with Narelle and I at school. Poor teachers, no wonder why Walter has grey hair now. Bye bye darling Andrea!

Oh My God! I have to share this. I went out in Brussels yesterday. I found a beautiful creature ahahahahaaaaaa...

The end!
Foto © Romain Brau
The end!
Foto © Romain Brau

It's all we love. It makes me think that I didn't invite you yet to our next party! How rude of me!

This Saturday we are celebrating our 2 years anniversary and Anna & I would love to have you in RA! From 23:00 until ... who knows ... Kloosterstraat 13, 2000 Antwerpen!

Of course Anna did the flyer! So cute. And I did the flyer for our private sales, it's more this style ahahahahahaaaa:

More.. MOI let's say lol! Please be welcome during the stock sales in Antwerp! It will be from October 19th until the 21st of October included. Two spaces and some really good and cheap piece. I also would like to invite you to my next performance in Paris, I will be showing what you don't want to wear next summer.

Check the Facebook page for my performance in Paris.

And if you can't make it to Paris then please come and support the best charity of Belgium ... "Les Petits Riens" where I will also present my creations. Before I say ADIEU to you! I wanted to end this series by presenting you someone very important in RA, Manu De Ridder ... 

Manu & I connect really well and he is making sure everything goes well in RA. If you miss our post, I would suggest you subscribe right now to the RA newsletter: www.ra13.be

You will know everything about our parties, exhibitions, special dinners (don't forget the Thursday dinner with Hadas!!! Only € 10 for a starter and a main course) and all the beautiful pieces of art we are having within the stop. 

Thank you Belmodo.tv for inviting us to write to your amazing readers! And don't forget. Put make-up on your faces. Wear heels and have fun. Because if you don't, then no-one will do it for you!




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