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Geschreven door Jill Shaw

As I absolutely prefer natural looks, you realise I don’t use a lot of make-up during my daily routine. But I do believe in the whole cream collection and the morning skin and hair care routine. I enjoy it and I actually can’t live without it.

My friends think I am a little maniac when it comes to my collection of beauty products. But I love it!

But what many of you probably don't know is that probably every shiny little product you have is bad for mother nature. Of course I admit that not everything I use is eco-friendly and biodegradable but I do my very best. And honestly, all the little things help, right? 

Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Curejoy

A few tips for your daily routine:

  • Wash your clothes with ecological products
  • Use reusable eco shopping bags
  • Don't use too much plastic
  • Limit your water & electricity consumption
  • Choose your food carefully
  • What about your carbon footprint?
  • Recycle and put things in garbage cans, where they belong
  • Choose the right car or just don’t. Go by bike instead.

Be part of the 'Eneco Clean Beach Cup' or other mother nature caring events and organisations. Be a helping hand and contribute do whatever you can to participate – also small things.

I can go on and on and on ... and of course we can’t do it all perfectly but just change your habits and notice the little things because they count.

Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Earthsy

People change their eating habits and go from veggie to vegan so easily these days, but what they forget is that it's a whole lifestyle. Biological, organic and not-tested-on-animals products are so mother nature friendly and you would be surprised how extremely hip they are these days. 

Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Stylecaster
Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Colpha

So what about thé big beauty box? Of course I have products that are not eco friendly but I try to limit those. Here are my top amazing products that are oh so green and thé best for your skin: 

Masks? Well I’m a huge believer of natural products. They’re better for your skin. You can find all the elements just in nature, so why not try to make your own! How? These are 2 of my favourite DIY's. Lavender extract, coconut oil, avocado & papaya squash (smashed) = glowing face mask.

Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Snazzymag
Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Huffingtonpost

Scrubs? Same here:

Salt, coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil, honey, natural vanilla extract and sugar = magic body scrub.

Still looking for more? Here's a list of my all-time favourite products all time:

  • AVEDA: Aveda puts mother nature first. 90% of their essential oils are 100% made out of natural ingredients and are certificated biologic. Almost everything they have is made out of plants, seeds and flowers.
  • Dr Hauschka: Same story here. Everything is natural and not tested on our dear animal friends.
  • Mineral Make up: Make-up made out of minerals, are 100% natural. Brands like: Everyday Minerals, Fyrinnae and Beauty From The Earth are thé hotties.
  • Lush: Well I’m sure you all know this one. They have everything and it’s all super green, not tested on animals and very natural.
  • Lavera: my favourite? The beauty balm.
  • Burt’s Bees: From face wash to tinted lipbalm.
  • Valentino: What? THé most liked brand of all time? Yep Valentino Greenpeace named V the most environmentally friendly brand/fashion house. Well isn’t that good news ... cause I adore their make-up.
  • ADEL : Organic Perfume
  • Suki: Organic Skincare Oils
  • The healthy deodorant: speaks for itself
  • Organic wear: Their mascara is very popular and greener than green. 
Tested, approved & good for mother nature
Foto © Mamapapabarn

Where can you buy all these amazing products? Here you go:

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