Summer in Andalusia

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Geschreven door Marie Hocepied

Every Summer, we leave for a Holiday in the South of Spain, Andalusia, and more specifically Roche.

This village is situated between Cádiz and Tarifa. This place is still protected and relatively wild. We stay there for several weeks, a complete culture shock. No wifi and only local adresses. Our children are happy and spent their days at the pool.

Marie Hosepied in Andalusia
Foto © Marie Hosepied

A beach

Playas De Roche, where the sand is fine, the water is crystal-clear and the dunes are wild. A spot for surfers. A spot for appetizers by sunset.

A restaurant

Asador La Castilleria in Santa Lucia close to Vejer de la Frontera. For a piece of meat that can be chosen at the desk. So delicious!

Marie Hosepied in Andalusia
Foto © Marie Hosepied

A bar

Next to the restaurant, in the small village of Santa Lucia, Venta el Toro where 'papy' (grandfather) welcomes you, the ham el ramon is to die for and they love the kids. 

Another bar

 La Tertulia in Conil for its variety of Gins Tonics on the terrace.

A club

The Trocadero in Sotogrande. With a swimming pool reserved for adults who want to relax and a pool for families with kids who want to horse around. The style is colonial-chic and the food is very good. 

Marie Hosepied in Andalusia
Foto © Marie Hosepied

A view

The view from the Poniente tower from the Cathedral of Cádiz. Situated in the historical centre of Cádiz, nearby the sea and visible from all the different points of the village.

White town in Andalusia
Foto © Marie Hocepied

A show

Fundacion Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre, Cádiz, is a school that is internationally known for its exhibition est une école mondialement connue pour son exhibition de “Como Bailan los Caballos Andaluces” that lasts an hour and a half, a unique spectacle that shows in a unique way all the work the foundation has done since its establishment. 

A village

 The white village hanging from the Vejer de la Frontera. Without a doubt the most beautiful village from Andalusia.

Spectacular view in Andalusia
Foto © Marie Hocepied

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