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Do you remember (probably not) all those times you had a cold and tried to get rid of the snot (yes, this is English) in your nose with a paper handkerchief?

Some urban legend told you it’s the most hygienic way to clean your nose. The hell with that. I mostly remember the times I put too much pressure on the thing, resulting in a torn apart piece of annoying garbage, and a s**tload of mucus right in the palm of your hands. Hygienic? No way.

Foto © SUI.

I’ve always been a fan of the cotton handkerchief. One way or another it says something about the owner of this little gem. He or she presents him- or herself as the Don Quichote against the nasty disposable lifestyle, as a true gent or a true lady. The wonderful little, but significant, detail comes with the way you dress, the way you present yourself to humanity. And let’s be honest: it has way more purpose and practical use than a tie.

The only thing is: where do I find a great handkerchief that doesn’t make you look like a farmer’s boy, or an over-old-fashioned granddad? There are lots of handkerchiefs on the market, but it’s really hard to get your hands (and nose) on a fashionable, well-designed copy. With that information, I decided to make them myself. Why not?

Foto © SUI.
Foto © SUI.

There are many things you can say about me, but one thing you can’t, is that I have a talent for graphical design. I can recognise it, but I can’t create it. So I decided to work together with a young, extremely talented lady named Marylène Madou, a master student textile design and the winner of the prestigious contest ‘The Silhouette of 2039’ of the fashion museum in Hasselt, Belgium. She created seven amazing designs, and the result of that is the very first SUI collection. And I’m still very happy with it!

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