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Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

I haven’t disappeared from the face of this earth, but having a 12 weeks old baby is in fact quite time consuming… more than you could ever expect.

I myself am totally happy with that, as I’m ecstatic about dedicating every second of my day to my offspring and given the fact that I am the type of mommy that adores tiny little babies, I couldn’t be any happier.

Foto © Dirk Alexander
Foto © Dirk Alexander

That said I wish I could freeze time so baby O would stay teeny tiny, but guess that’s not really part of the deal so instead of fulfilling my to do’s on a daily base, the list only gets longer as I find myself contemplating baby O, in an attempt to absorb her every little baby move.

I guess now even more after the tragic events of past Friday in my beloved Paris, I come to realize how important it is to cherish every moment of what you truly and deeply love. The littlest of moments have become so meaningful to me and in my offspring I see the good, the innocence and the beautiful light that I truly hope this planet will one day be able to understand... as humankind is precious and unique and entitled to live peacefully.

Foto © Dirk Alexander
Foto © Dirk Alexander

I however don’t want to let some of you down and because I’ve been receiving mails that question my vestimentary whereabouts, I managed to squeeze some time in between the breast feeds and diapers to shoot yet another Kirilove favorite.

Drumrolls… as I hereby present you leopard with a twist of denim. After all it is one of my favorite prints that according to me is multi-combinable and acceptable at every age. This specific skirt has become a wardrobe staple and ever since I gave birth I have been wearing it with white tees, grey sweaters, it’s matchy leopard top and denim shirts. As you can read, I’ve been having quite some fun with this lovely skirt and more of it is definitely to come, but in the meanwhile, I hope I can content you with this combo.



Pics Dirk Alexander

HMU by Sharon De Winter

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