Shooting SS2012


Geschreven door Sandrina Fasoli

We are currently making our Summer ’12 campaign. Benjamin Travade, a photographer from Paris, shot the collection. This was our third collaboration.

We met him through Benoit Bethume, a friend we know since La Cambre. Benoit is a fashion director; he defines the atmosphere of the shooting. The face of our new campaign is Ellen Van der Plancken. She has this sophisticated, graceful femininity.

For more info about Benjamin Travade visit his website! Or if you want to know more about Benoit Bethume click here.

An afternoon at a friend’s art gallery in the centre of Brussels, the VidalCuglietta. The gallery is currently showing a triptych video installation by Wim Catrysse, in which he captures something of the apocalyptic yellowish aura of a sulphur mine in Java. Through a whirling veil of continuously changing shades of beauty you can catch a glimpse of the infernal labour of the miners.

Check art gallery VidalCuglietta in Brussels.

Photo credits:
    shooting summer 2012 sandrina fasoli / photos Michael Marson 
    the VidalCuglietta. gallery / photos VidalCuglietta

To end this year in beauty, we make our last stock sale as a private event in a loft in Forest / Vorst Bxl. We welcome you to a calm and pleasant experience.

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