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Geschreven door Sandrina Fasoli

WALLPAPER* CITY GUIDE visited our flagship store at Brugmannplein 22 to take pictures. We are honoured as we really love those guides.

Their minimalist covers in beautiful colours make us want to collect them all. The content is decent and the places mentioned are worth a visit. My favourite is the one on Copenhagen, where I tried almost every page.

Here are some pictures of the shooting at our flagship store in Brussels, yesterday morning.

You can also see our boutique at night. There is something about it that reminds of London’s old shop windows. We were enchanted when we originally found this place with a magnolia in the garden… It has so little in common with today’s boutiques.

Also the neighbourhood was very special, a florist, bookshop, children’s shop, perfumer, antique shop, jewellery store, nice cafés, all around a church right in the middle of the square. A charming, secret village in Brussels…

Hallepoort, in Brussels, an uncanny place until this cinema/bar Potemkine nested itself in the rooms and corridors of an old building. The pictures are taken from the balcony, where you can secretly follow what goes on downstairs at the bar and around the piano, while right behind you there is a screening of short films.

For the fashion lovers “à petit prix”, there is once again the Modo Brusses stock sales. End of this week; Friday and Saturday 18 & 19 November at the Brussels Center of Fashion & Design (Nieuwe Graanmarkt 10 Nouveau Marché-aux-grains Place, 1000 Brussels). You can find many pieces of our previous collections and many other Belgian designers.

Sandrina Fasoli Flaghip Store
22 place Brugmannplein, 22
1050 Brussel

Photography by Michaël Marson and Ruben Tomas.

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