Sail Away!


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

I need a vacation, as in really need to spend some time doing absolutely nothing else than being with my family …

Good times are soon to come as holidays have been scheduled, which means I’m mentally preparing my pack list

This elaborate list will probably remain in my head till the day before we actually leave for Portugal and I’ll end up rushing as usual to get everything done on time … Story of my life and even though I always intend to be super well-organized, it all comes crashing down on me, resulting in an over-stressed 'I REALLY need a vacation' Kirilove. 

I truly sometimes envy the precisely sorted out life of my dearly beloved friend S. You should see her arrive at the beach! She’s the type of girl that will offer you some homemade delicious infused water in a state of the art canister and yummy and healthy kiddy-proof snacks - I’m already happy if I even make it to the beach. Her travel pharmacy is better than your average nurse's kit and her iPhone mailbox does not assault you with a nasty red mark and the amount of 7345 unread mails… no that would be me. 

She also knows everything there is to know about synchronising, backing up and upgrading all your technological devices, how to download every single movie or series you’d like to see and she can help you out with any Appletv issue you might have. Just to emphasise she’s the kind of girl that dreams are made of.

Anyhow, I’m deviating from the actual subject of this post, which is this to die for sailor outfit, one of my favourite silhouettes from the F/W 2016 Tommy Hilfiger collection. Come to think about it the entire TH catwalk collection has my heart skipping a fashion beat as it’s romantic & sensual with Titanic-inspired attire and gorgeous-looking 40’s dresses. Just divine like this sailor girl ensemble, which will have you looking all sartorial in just a matter of seconds


  • Head to toe Tommy Hilfiger FW 2016 catwalk look. 

Make-up by M.A.C Cosmetics – Ghent

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