Rubias roadtripping through Argentina part 1


Geschreven door Stéphanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

It was a holiday (dulce de leche) filled with firsts for me. First time in South America, first time not doing any research beforehand (ok, I will admit I looked up a few places, force of habit).

Let me guide you through the enormous city of Buenos Aires and the gigantic country of Argentina by the most Argentina obsessed person I could imagine! So that she could show me how she fell in love with the city, the country, the people and the meat.

The first time I practically didn’t take any picture of the city. Why would I? I felt immediately at home… and do you ever take pictures of your hometown? First time I discovered a country that is as postres aka sweets obsessed as I am. Talking about the abundance of dulce de leche,… Dulce de leche pancakes, dulce de leche ice cream, dulce de leche cake, candy,.. and then I am not even talking about the alfajores… And how they wash that all down by drinking bitter mate between good friends from sunrise to sundown.

Luckily I got myself the perfect guide to teach, explain, show me all about the Argentinean way of life!


I have to admit I’m probably one of world’s most Argentina obsessed people... It all started 6 years ago when university and ‘mi viejos’ (mom & dad) were crazy enough to send me to Buenos Aires to study. Through these stories and pictures I’ll try to show and share with you my love for Argentina and everything about it. I don’t claim any of it to be true, it’s just how I feel...

Buenos Aires is a city that makes you feel at home instantly. Both in architecture and culture you feel the European influences from its history without loosing the Latin American passion. About porteños/porteñas - Buenos Aires’ habitants – is often said that they are a nation of Italians who speak Spanish and think they're British living in Paris.

What I love about them is how they are warm of heart, blunt, sincere, open, never shut up, passionate, funny, enjoying the good things of life, know good food, dance the night away, love friends and family, always make you feel at home and how men are the perfect gentlemen.

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

What I love about the city is that you can wander for hours, meet new people constantly, discover new buildings and amazing (historical) architecture in every corner, come accross a million of different cosy and welcoming restaurants and bars, can go dancing at every hour of the day and night, can get a delivery of every possible imaginary thing even if only half a block away from you, that there are (maxi) kiosks on every corner of the street, dogwalkers everywhere you go, people sporting at any time of the day, in winter you freeze your ass off and in summer you sweat it all out, but always surrounded by passionate people who are or expressing their hate about economy and politics in their country or sharing their love for their town and customs with you.

Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps and the porteños sure know how to fill their days.

What to do when in Buenos Aires? Wander through the city, get lost, meet people, make sure to get an invitation to an asado amongst friends, eat plenty of food and dulces, drink wine, go dancing and partying, watch tango, get out in the rio for a boat ride and waterski trip and let yourself loose!

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