Rubias road tripping through Argentina Part 5


Geschreven door Stéphanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

We are tough girls, ready to tackle those crazy roads further north.

Little did we know that those little moments of sleep in Salta were going to be the last ones we would have in the upcoming days... ‘Cause we were heading to the Jujuy province for... CARNIVAL!!

Well actually, if someone didn’t oblige us to leave the Salinas Grandes, we would probably still be there incrediboothing the hell out of those salt plains and never make it to carnival.

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

What we expected to be a pretty little carnival parade filled with cute little traditional costumes, turned out to be a complete mayhem of fake snow sprays, flour, confetti bonanza, alcohol showers, 3 days of wearing the same clothes, having capiroshka breakfasts, lunches and dinners (if we didn’t forget to dine altogether), hangover after hangover, endless attempts at crossing town while staying untouched,… Basically a complete and incredible party mess that I strongly recommend to anyone!!! This is carnival - Pukkelpop on Argentinian speed (local Red Bull with Champagne and ice) - style!

And no, we admit, we barely got to our cultural activities which were nicely planned in advance. However, we did manage to see the cerro siete colores in Purmamarca (hard to miss as we were almost dancing on it) and some other cultural thing in Tilcara (what’s it called again? You see carnival got the best of us!).

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

Want culture and stay sober? Don’t go there with carnival! Want to have the craziest time of your life, get your ass over to Jujuy province - armed with your k-way and your goggles - and its tiny towns for some dirtiness!

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