Rubias crosssing the Rio: Off to Uruguay, Punta del Este


Geschreven door Stéphanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

On my to do list was up front Playa & Uruguay Punta del Este! The mundane beach city in Uruguay where all wealthy Argentines escape to during summer.

Punta del Este consists of different smaller barrios such as La Peninsula, La Barra, Manantiales, El Chorro, and the most amazing and pristine of them all Jose Ignacio. This place is to die for.

La Barra is the trendiest one amongst youngsters to party. I can promise you in January entire Punta del Este is upside down with crazy Argentines and Uruguayans. Love it. Thank god Babs was kind enough to follow me on all of my (crazy) must-do’s. But I just knew she would love everything about it.


Uruguay... What was that! Took me completely by surprise! The nature, the architecture, the sense of style, the food, the place! I knew that it just had to be a gorgeous country, but I never expected this.

From the moment we landed and stepped in our ‘license plate LAL’ car driving along the coastline, I was blown away. On one side long stretches of beach, with a marvelous sunset, and on the other side amazing houses surrounded by green. I was immediately sold!

[Steph & Babs]

We had the most splendid days filled with sun, beach and food! The food needs an entire paragraph on its own… Food obsessed? Mucho? OBVIO!

With a reservation for a table already booked from Belgium, I wondered why Steph loved La Huella so much…. Well, it’s not hard to understand: feet in the sand, drinking a caraf of wine with fresh fruit, while devouring all the goodness of the sea laid back in a wooden Hamptons style house…. Yes, I know! La Linda, bakery and breakfast/lunch and dinner spot, is so pretty and njommie I need it here now!

The recently opened Santas Negras, Jose Ignacio’s answer to Paris’ Merci concept store, is loaded with amazing objects and furniture, clothes, everything you might need to fill your minimalistic Uruguayan wood and concrete estancia on your never ending plot of land; and has a bar with the most delicious cocktails and food.

On our 1 rainy day, roadtrip obliged, we took the car and headed out. First stop, Fasano Las Piedras, -I think I turned Steph half deaf by whining so hard about visiting this hotel- built by architect Isay Weinfield, published in a ton of magazines, I just had to see it! Just google it and you’ll understand my obsession. On we went, completely off the beaten track, for what the Argentines and Uruguayans do best… Tomar el te – la merienda (teatime). When I indulge, I make sure I do it well, so what better place to go than Francis Mallmann hotel & restaurant. El Garzon, a 5 street big village, houses this most gorgeous little resto decorated with such great taste!

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

After our ‘heavy’ day of eating scones with wine (yes that’s how we interpret ‘tomar el te’ J) and cruising through nature, we dropped our bags and our -as we had any left- stress at the most incredible hotel Estancia VIK. From the moment we arrived, it was pure relaxation, joy and moments of ‘whaaaaaaooaaa’ muy relaja y disfrutar a full… horsebackriding, kayak, an uruguayan asado  -choripan, this needs a whole explanation later on-, our balcony with hammock, citrus lemonade and caipiroskas (with world’s best vodka) by the pool, dulce de leche waffles, our balcony with outdoor shower,… We’ll stop right here cause we don’t want to make you too jealous!

After our night in pure luxury we headed, on a whim, to Cabo Polonio. The most secluded little coast village in Uruguay. With only dunes, sand, sea and candles -no electricity and water- it was magical (and I have to admit, my worst night ever, but what did I expect after that canopy cushion filled bed at VIK)!

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

We decided we had to dip our toes in the most insane pool ever, Playa Vik, and set sails to Isla Gorriti before we were ready to leave the amazing Uruguay behind. Little did we know that this was only the start of a lot more ‘ Whoaaaaaaaa!!’s’ to come!

Spoiler alert!

New report is about our insane encounter with the Iguazu falls. If one day you are thinking about going, please try not to read the next report, as we would want to spoil it for you! Because its INSAAAAANE!

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