Roadtripping through Argentina - THE END


Geschreven door Stéphanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

This is it! Our final report and simultaneously the blow of the hammer that makes us realise it is actually over.

Even though we kept on telling ourselves ‘ooooh no pasa nada , we still have a month to go’ (till the very last minute ;-) ), we are back (on track) for real.

But oh my, what a blast we had! Something no one will ever be able to take away from us! My heart for Argentina grew even founder (was this possible!?) and my heart for Babs as well ;-) Best (travel) buddy ever! TE QUIERO MUCHO, SOS LA MAS BARBARA ;-)! CHOCA LOS CINCO !!

[Steph & Babs]

In this last report we especially want to say thanks to some people whom we love very much and get many credits for making our holidays so amazing!!

Most importantly, our roomies and best buddies HORACIO & SANTI. They know well enough what the many things are we want to thank them for! <3  - With a pedido Freddo and 10 liters of ice cream, they sure know how to win a girls heart! 

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

Running up, FIONA & PAULA -  you made our stay in UY even more spectacular - , MAXIMO, CARLITOS, EZEQUIEL & MARCOS – best carnaval ever, impossible to top, and also for our carnival gear: THANKS! And please, never forget: waar is da feesje.. ;-) -, NICK & HANNELORE – fancy clubbin’ & **** flow ! -, FRAN, - the family will always be on our minds -, GUSTAVO & BARBARA – we’ll always link Colomé and Cachi to you, moments when destiny is at work and off course, best picanha ever!! -, FEDE & MATUTE – best bday ever -, MARTIN – first time I walked through a vineyard with lamas (we’ll miss the happy couple Olivia & Brutus) -, IAN & RENATE – great times and talks at VIK! -, and all the other amazing people we met along our trip ..!!


I want to add Steph to this thank you list!! I would never have ended up in Argentina if it wasn't for her. I never understood what attracted people to go to South America... I was more of a New York, any surf and dive destination kind of girl, yeah you read it, WAS! The country is truly spectacular, and I haven't seen most of it yet. Yeah yeah, you read it.. YET!  Forget the rest of the world! Argentina is where it's AT!!

Without her freakish love for Argentina, without her perseverance, her energy bomb - up for anything - live life to the fullest - attitude, without Her, my experience of Argentina would definitely not have been the same, because she was such a huge part of it!!

Thank you for rubbing off your Argentina love on me, and getting me back in ass-kicking rubias rule the world - mode!!


Don’t you cry for me Argentina, because I WILL BE BACK !!!


eeuh, don't you mean WE will be back!!

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

Thank you Belmodo for giving us the opportunity to spread our holiday & Argentina love! Don’t hesitate to make us your fixed travel editors ... ;-) Woop woop!

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