Roadtripping through Argentina - Part 4


Geschreven door Stéphanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

From Iguazu to SALTA, La Linda! Roaaadtriiip!

Rubias ready to conquer the Salta province by car... Fighting over who got to the steer of our wheels in these most amazing landscapes and funnest roads ever! The many uaaahhhh’s and ooohssss made us stop like every 5 minutes to take some more landscape pics and crazy incredibooths or hipstamatics with our foolish faces in front of the most insane mountains! With every kilometer that went by we felt we had entered another world! Think we went to the moon and back!

From Salta we took off to Cafayate to do some wine tasting... and... yeah, actually not much more than wine & empanadas! Cute little village, filled with wineries and cops at every street corner to indicate the one-way streets and luckily not to make us do an alcohol test! We stayed at probably Cafayate’s best hotel ‘Los Patios’ (next to one of the biggest wineries, Etchart), with the most divine Uruguayan owner Martin! He fixed us one ab fab night with the best food and plenty of drinks -outside dining in the storm with only candle light rocks! THANKS! [Other nice hotel to stay at is KILLA!]

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

Packed with a fresh -out off the herbs and vegetable garden- grilled veggie sandwich off we went to Cachi. (I hope that we have a sandwich named after us on Patios' menu ;-).) On this part of the roadtrip we had one mission, and one mission only... get to one of world’s most famous bodegas ESTANCIA COLOME -owned by the Hess family- and their JAMES TURELL MUSEUM.

My best little planner Babs had been arranging this visit since we booked our tickets to Argentina  (yez, one of the things I did look up), but every day we got the same response: ‘depending on the river and rain you’ll might get here’. When arriving at the river, we finally understood... our too cool ford eco sport was not tough enough to cross the river. Only one option! Wait, cross our fingers and hope for someone to get there and be willing to take us through! Faith was at our side, and not even 10 minutes later the sweetest argentine/uruguayan/german couple in their SUV drove us through the river after brainwashing them with my amazing convincing skills ;-). AAAAhh never underestimate the power of the rubias! And oh my, we will be forever greatful for that lift! We were absolutely blown away by the gorgeousness of this little place with the most spectacular bodega (the highest one in the world at more than 3000m!) in the middle of this nowhere housing the best museum ever by James Turell!

Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops
Foto © Stephanie Rosseel & Barbara Jacops

After another amazing road, while driving in the tracks of our argentine/uruguayan/german mix friends, and because great minds think alike -what was already proven by our estancia colomé passion- we all arrived at La Merced del Alto in Cachi. One of the most breathtaking hotel locations ever. While sunbathing at the pool you had the snowy mountains tops on one side and the most enormous rainbow I have ever seen on the other side. Totally surreal!!

Loaded on chocolate goodness of La Merced's chef, we were ready for some extensive photoshoot sessions on the Recta de Tin Tin. From one straight line, climbing to the highest point, along the curviest -cyclist's dream- descending road back to Salta, la linda...

WARNING: next report is not suitable for minors and sensitive viewers!

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