Paris oh Paris


Geschreven door Jill Shaw

Être libre comme l’air. That’s how I feel every time I’m dancing around in the lovely Paris. It’s 'kinda just around the corner' but... is there a city quite as impressive and daunting as Paris?

I’m absolutely addicted with travelling, it’s always an adventure full of thé unexpected where you get to taste all the different flavors of each city.

The’re a lot things about Paris I find charming, most of the people are dressed so amazingly french-shionable, around every corner you find the cutest coffee bars, les parisien(ennes) love rendez-vous that’s for sure .. and you can find all sorts of shops in massive doses and when the sun is out.. it’s all even more magical.

Jill in Paris
Foto © Jill Shaw

Let’s come to the point, last week Paris was completely on fire because of PFW/paris fashion week and you could smell it from 20 blocks away! As I walked around the streest of the city I noticed all the passionate fashionista’s were totaly prepared and very “on point” to defy PFW. It’s clearly a big happening and the complete city is living it. I walked by loads of galleries and showrooms, exhibitions, markets .. everything looked extra sparkling.

Jill in Paris
Foto © Jill Shaw

I was there just for 2 days, but those 2 days were lived to the fullest! So let me give you my 'last weekend's' hotspot list. As you might know or not, Paris is easy to divided in different distritcts.

I checked out 3 very cool clubs:

All 3 of them are very unlike, not only the crowd but also the music, the interior and vibes. I went wild, in all 3 of them, that’s for sure. 

What I absolutely like about it, you get to meet so many different people too, not only locals go there but you see people from all over the world standing in lines to get in.

Other cool bars: Le fantôme(10e arr.), Nüba (13e arr), Le comptoir Général (10e arr), Le Perchoir (11e arr) this rooftop bar has the most beautiful view over Paris and just rocks, Expérimental Cocktail Club ( 2e arr.), Bespoke (3e arr)

Jill in Paris
Foto © Jill Shaw

I went to these amazing lunch/brunch and breakfast spots.

I love a the typical Paris coffees, baguettes, croissants.. but I still prefer the super-healthy-coldpressed-bio-.. experience. Wherever I go I look for spots that can treat me with healthy yummiesformytummie

Jill in Paris
Foto © Belmodo

I checked out a lot of districts, here’s where I went crazy:

Le 10e arrondissement is just my absolute favorite. It’s feels a little like you’re in a boho kinda village, it’s the best vibe! Everyone looks so relaxed chill, and theyre all dressed so unique. Cute shops to discover, vinyl shops for the thirsty musicsouls & the coolest bars. Close to this hood you find “Monmartre”, a must go too.

Other places: Le Marais , Le 3e et 4e arrondissement..

 What’s so cool about this (and many) city’s is that you get to do and see so many different hoods’ and all of them are offering you completely different experiences. I tasted a little bit of eve-ry-thang.

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