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Geschreven door Jill Shaw

Strolling down the deserted streets of Biarritz, soft breezy weather with warm rays of light from the sun is coming through.

A 3-day recording trip from morning till the next morning. So of all these styling choices in the world ... What am I gonna wear? What vibe do I want and which appearance do I want? 

I told myself: "I’m not gonna overthink this". I’m gonna wear what I would pull out of my closet on a casual day in this little beach town. In what outfit would I feel comfy and 'me' in?

Blogger Jill Shaw
Foto © Jill Shaw

This reversible street coat, khaki beany and skater sneakers would do just fine. It’s me ... It’s me when I go for a walk in Biarritz, it’s me when I skate under a tunnel at night, it’s me.

No make-up, nope. We want the world to see the naturel me. Ofcourse I did put on some lipgloss and accentuate my eyebrows ... but yes that’s about it. A video clip in my natural habitat wants a natural me. You could look at it if it were a day in my daily life. 

Foto © Jill Shaw
Blogger Jill Shaw
Foto © Jill Shaw

Me taking myself on a little road/surf trip in the middle of October!

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