My must haves


Geschreven door Sandra Sandor

These are my personal must haves:

  • My Céline sunglasses. I love them, because they are classic, stylish and can save me on a bad hair day
  • I love stationery, and I bought this Delfonics pencil case a while ago in Paris. It's full of colourful pens which makes designing and drawing more fun. 
  • Speaking of stationery, my favourite pen is a beautiful gold pen from HAY
My must haves
Foto © Sandra Sandor
  • I always have some chewing gum or refreshing candy with me. I got this small box of candy from Italy, and I really like the retro packaging of it too.
  • My make-up bag contains all the essential cosmetics and make-up I use on a daily basis. It is an old Nanushka sample made of soft suede leather and I think it has the perfect shade of red.  

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