My fights as a designer


Geschreven door Doriane van Overeem

There are 3 important things about the brand.

It's made in Belgium, the collaboration we do each season with another artist and the new vision on women's image.

To me, it's really important a as new brand to keep everything local, I'm convinced it's the role of the new generation of designers. We're producing way too many clothes that we don't even need and putting workers in a horrible position while random customers can enjoy modern slavery. So it's a really hard choice I've made but I'm proud to say that everything is made here, which also prevents small businesses to disappear by working with them.

At the atelier I work with in Wallonia to make my samples and the production, I was challenged to try an industrial machine!

Second thing is the collaboration with an artist, last AW15 season; we worked with Nicolas Jonval who is a French painter to create exclusive overall prints.

I think it's important to open the field of fashion to others disciplines, which creates a powerful synergy between different artists. It is also a way to learn so much from others, from their background and experience, as I'm also always open to listen to their opinion, even on the collection.

My fight as a designer
Foto © Doriane van Overeem

The third thing are the titles of the collection which represent subjects I want to talk about on women's image. « The Way to Say No » SS15 was a denunciation of rape culture and street harassment. As women, we all own the right to say no and some stuffs we're going through on a daily basis are not normal and we do not have to agree with annoying things just because « it's like that ».

My fight as a designer
Foto © Doriane van Overeem

Last season « Witches not Bicthes » AW15 is saying that is not swag to say « hey bitch » between each other because that word is so reductive. The title is supposed to empower woman and invites them to believe in their own natural strength.

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