My favourite photographers


Geschreven door Jill Shaw

You must keep an eye on these 6 photographers and I'll tell you why.

What makes them different and unique? Well… I can tell you.  As I did a shoot with each one of these rough diamonds in the past. I can tell they are the incredible young & talented.

Marie Wynants

She is absolutely one of the most creative photographers I’ve met. When you get to work with this lady you should definitely give her carte blanche.

Foto © Marie Wynants

She comes up with the most unique stories and scenario’s in her cray cray creative head and she doesn’t mind making you suffer a little. As she makes us move our body into the most crazy positions. 

Dirk Alexander

This young man is not only guaranteeing you that it definitely will be fun with him behind the lens, but also his eye is so sharp that just in 1, 2, 3 he took the most classy shot.

Foto © Dirk Alexander

I wouldn’t exactly be able to describe him or his style, it’s both a little mysterious & he’s a hero in surprising you every single time.

But I can say he likes it clean and very tight. I adore him.

Mous Lamrabat

This G U Y is cool. So cool.

Foto © Mous Lamrabat

You might have met him already. His picture is your daily morning dish at the breakfast table in the weekend (DS Magazine). He always comes up with the most fashionable ideas. Always a little risky and he’s damn colourful baby!

Mike Steegmans

He’s all about pureness, loves femininity, and sure knows how to picture the human body in a beautiful & sexy way.

Foto © Mike Steegmans

All the hottest chicks have sure stopped by mister Mike’s. He does not only translate pure beauty and sexiness through his pieces of art but he can also be very divers with his work. Just look at the picture above. Well ... he can do it all. 

Dimitri Bekaert

Not only did this youngstaaaar win last years Red Bull Elektropedia Award, but he’s around your personal bar every single night shooting the hell out of his heart.

Foto © Dimitri Bekaert

The way he pictures people going wild on beats is very unseen, if you ask me. He gives his own special artsy touch and his picture always speaks to you, as you were right back in that moment shaking your ass.

Lorenzo Naudts

You might meet him at the beach or in the water or just randomly in the streets, he will always be ready to shoot you whenever wherever and make it look DAMN GOOD.

Foto © Lorenzo Naudts

He makes the simplest things look amazing, as they really just are. From fashion to pure nature, he catches everything. But when he’s in the water surfing with his camera, oh hell then I’m his biggest fan. The way he pictures these moments and the beauty of this sport is just wow.

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