My current sport obsession: Ballet Fit


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Have you ever heard of … Ballet Fit? Oh hell yeah, it’s the hottest work out of the moment.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Oscar winning movie ‘Black Swan’. Well that’s when Ballet Fit became extra hot. Actress Natalie Portman achieved the perfect ballerina shape by practicing ‘ballet beautiful’ (the super popular ballet fitness method).

My current sport obsession: Ballet Fit
Foto © Instagram Miranda Kerr

How do you think the gorgeous Angels - yes The Victoria’s Secret Angels - get bodies like that? Doutzen Kroes and the other catwalk models such as Miranda Kerr love to work that body practicing Ballet Fit. Their goal? Getting toned, tight and sculpted. I love it!

I’ve tried it and I’ve been practicing for a month now and I’m completely obsessed with it. I’ll tell you why and I’ll explain what it is, how it works and what it does to your body.

Ballet Fit is a complete fitness workout based on classical ballet. It’s the best workout to get the slim and skinny physique of a ballet dancer and it makes your muscles strong and toned. It’s the ultimate way to get an elegant, athletic and strong body and not to forget … a beautiful posture

My current sport obsession: Ballet Fit
Foto © Sam Bynens

The Ballet Fit exercises are intense and challenging but oh so exciting and fun. Every move is linked to a beautiful dance pose and it demands a lot of concentration and perseverance. Ballet Fit builds muscles without ‘the bodybuilder effect’, perfect for the ladies! Do you like to work out and sweat, sweat, sweat? The I can assure you, this is a must try. 

So how does it work?

  • It combines fat burning, slimming, cardio, body toning, stretching and muscle building in one complete workout.
  • Its focus is on strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.
  • You can take courses with a group or subscribe for a customized private training sessions.
  • It works on 3 different levels of experience.
  • Ballet Fit is classy, stylish and artistic.
Foto © Sam Bynens

My hotspot? I take classes from Miss Elisabeth Van Dam, not only a gorgeous woman but also a professional dancing queen and she’s completely passionate about sports. She says this workout is perfect for women of every age and it’s also a must do for pregnant ladies who want to stay in shape. Elisabeth herself practiced Ballet Fit during and after her pregnancy. It helped her to stay fit during her pregnancy and to get back in shape after it. 

Fashion victims don’t you worry because the whole Ballet Fit lifestyle includes loads of fashion.

Mary Helen Bowers has created her own clothing line in function of ballet fashion. She has a history of designing sweaters and ‘cache-cœur’ for brands like Ivory Row. She’s known for her street flats. These ballet shoes are also every-day-high-fashion shoes. They are very unique and very wanted!

Other brands such as Repetto have a complete fashion line that breathes ballet; they have typical perfumes and stylish handbags. Other hotspots to shop your ballet outfit: Weir Moi dancewear, Bloch, Victoria’s Secret Sportswear, Elevé Dancewear and Sweaty Betty Dance Wear.

My current sport obsession… Ballet Fit
Foto © Repetto

This is my favorite Ballet Fit workout place!

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