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Geschreven door Emilie Duchêne

I’m a fan of natural products, but not necessarily addicted to everything organic.

I like to live healthy and take care of myself with products that inspire confidence. So I’ll take you on a tour of my small beauty case and my favourite products.

My Clinique Pop lipstick

I use very little make-up, but this natural pink is my favourite, because of its enhancing and hydrating effect. I apply it during the day and evening.

My Biotulin gel

A transparent gel to be applied with care, with a botox effect, but 100% natural. It relaxes the skin and smooths wrinkles. This product is THE magic potion that Kate Middleton uses each time she comes out of hospital after giving birth, yet manages to look like she is fresh as a daisy within 24 hours! The gel is available online.

The patch masks by Sephora

My favourite beauty products
Foto © Nathalie Gabay

A very practical and individual format, these patches come in many different forms, all of which I’ve tested! My favourite is the pearl one!

The hair serum by Ojon

This repair serum has a truly long-term effect on brittle hair. I’m a big fan!

Eye drops by Minhavez

These drops restore that sparkle, helping to make the white of the eye really white and bright. But don’t overdo it, because everyday use of these drops can lead to eye congestion.

The global anti-aging facial mask by Nuxe

My favourite beauty products
Foto © Nathalie Gabay

When I have the time, I sometimes indulge myself with this small treat, whilst enjoying a bath. You simply apply a good layer before bedtime and that’s it!

The Environ AVST skin care range

I’ve adopted this brand, as I’ve grown to have confidence in it. Its products are based on vitamin A, are effective and fuss-free. It’s truly an investment for a great skin in the long term!

Caviar Shampoo & Conditioner by Alterna

My favourite beauty products
Foto © Nathalie Gabay

Forget the very luxurious name, because this shampoo is free of fragrance, parabens, and silicone. I buy it online from Sephora. It’s amazing stuff … 

Here’s my beauty routine. Before I eat anything in the morning, every day I take a dose of Silicium. This ingredient has many benefits, including for the skin and hair, and gives a glowing complexion for at least a ten-hour night.

My special tip: L’Atelier du Sourcil (Rue du Bailli) in Brussels. This is a new place focused on facial beauty. A good eyebrow depilation can change your whole face. My face looks much more open since I started going there.

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