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Geschreven door Damien Ravn

After a few hours of sleep it was time to return the van and put an end to our amazing roadtrip to Côte d’Azur and back. I met with my sidekick Géraldine around 13:00 and we headed off to Valko in Wilrijk.

Both suffering from the Hyères-blues, it was kind of sad to put an end to it all, but life moves on. Like I tell my students, fashion never takes a break;)

It was time to get my ass down to Kleine Markt 7/9 - the brand spanking new location of RA! I was already more than fashionably late, so the whole RA crew already got most things done.. but a late hand is better than no hand, non?

I knew the gallery Objectif Exhibitions on the ground floor, but it was actually the first time I was going to see the new location, which sits on the 1st floor above the gallery. I heard lots of stories from Yves de Brabander, the store manager of RA, but it was even better in real! I love the entrance to the courtyard, it’s kind of disguised and gives you a bit of a New York feeling (even though I’ve never been there).

The store turned out to be exactly what we all wanted RA to be too. The first thing you notice is of course that it’s more intimate, but that’s what we were looking for. I loved the previous location, but it was simply too big. I for one won’t be missing running from the inner room of the store and up to get a pair of shoes, just to run back to fit them for then to run back up to get a different size. #justsaying

I love the loft-feeling the new store has. The ceiling lights are really cool and there’s much more natural light as well, so I won’t be crying over Kloosterstraat. Maybe just Mic’s café and the food of Lobsang and the DELISH cakes of Ciara. Well, those cakes made me fat as hell, so scrap that last part!

The space really looks great, I can’t wait for people to come and see it. Words travel quickly in Antwerp, so several people already wanted to come shopping while we were working, so it looks like the address change wont be difficult to adjust to at all.

People anyway come to Antwerp just to shop at RA, so from now on we’ll be waiting in Kleine Markt 7/9, 2000 Antwerp instead of Kloosterstraat 13. See you all there!! Do check the RA website for all information!

Since this was after all the Koninginnendag and the day Prins Willem and Princess Maxima became King and Queen of the Netherlands AND the day my dear Puck left Antwerp for Paris, we went celebrating afterwards!

Puck being as Dutch as they get, she was already sporting a pimped up bright orange shirt, so after dinner we headed over to De Vagant and started downing Jenevers with Géraldine for Willem, Maxima and Beatrix.. and for Paris, the future, happiness, success and godknowswhat;)


xxx Damien

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