Meet Niklaus Hodel


Geschreven door Geert Bruloot

Hello again! Today I had a meet with Niklaus Hodel. He’s a student from the Antwerp Fashion Academy and had won the COCCODRILLO award for best shoe design in 2011.

Foto © Geert Bruloot

So now when I saw his new shoes for his 3rd year collection back in June, I immediately proposed him to sell them at the store. He’s a bright guy from Switzerland and agreed to see what he could organise.

Now today he came to show me the samples -great men’s shoes in nice colors. So in the past months, he has set up a fashion company together with two other friends and off they go, starting with men’s shoes and planning to add more over the next seasons.

For sure this new fashion brand, WEBERHODELFEDER will be an adventure to follow! 

Foto © Geert Bruloot

We have ordered the shoes for next summer in several colors and they will be in our men’s store from November 2012 onwards at affordable prices!

Hope to see you all popping in then, to give them a try!

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