Loewe has me puzzled


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

J.W. Anderson's 'puzzle bag' is wearable in 5 different ways, available in a wide range of colours and currently at the top of my wish list.

Loewe has me puzzled
Foto © The Window Barneys
Loewe has me puzzled
Foto © The Fashion Medley

Can I please have a moment of silence to acknowledge the perfection of every single creation of fashion wunderkind J.W. Anderson for the Spanish house of Loewe. Ever since he set foot on the Loewe floor he has been nailing it over and over again … wowing fashionistas worldwide and making every single wish list longer by the minute.

Loewe has me puzzled
Foto © Lahummatbayli

Already a street style darling and heavily topping my lust list is the fabulous 'puzzle bag' aka the most photogenic bag ever. Hands down for this ingenious creation that you can apparently wear in 5 different ways. Providing me with just the perfect price tag justifier and another excuse for me to spend my savings, guess I never understood the concept of saving anyway!

Loewe is available at Houben in Antwerp and Smets in Brussels.

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