Geschreven door Céline D'Aoust

Jaipur is the major city in the world in terms of gemstone cutting. That’s why I am settling there about five months in a year.

Usually I will spend two months in Belgium and then, one month in India. Our schedules are basically ruled by the trade shows we attend in Paris twice a year, that is where we show our latest collections.

Market place in Jaipur
Foto © Céline D'Aoust

I will be back in Jaipur in a couple of days to prepare for the next collection that comes out this autumn. I’m not as excited as usual because it’s pretty much 100% humidity and 39°C since it’s Monsoon.

I’m lucky that my apartment is in an old house. I treasure it because the place is quiet for Jaipur and I have a big Studio Office full of light. All Indians are now looking for modern constructions and apartment buildings but I absolutely wanted to be in an old place filled with soul and history.

My apartment in Jaipur
Foto © Céline D'Aoust
My apartment in Jaipur - terrace
Foto © Céline D'Aoust

India was love at first sight. I felt it as soon as I landed there a few years ago. I just stayed for 4 days but when it was time to leave, I told myself that one day I was going to live there. All your senses are permanently in alert and tested, nobody can deny it. This country immediately has a grip on you … or not.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, which is in the northen part of India. It is called the Pink City after it was totally repainted in Terracotta Pink color in 1876 for the visit of Prince Albert. Pink being the symbolic colour for Welcome in India. 7 million people live in this city and it is smaller than Brussels, so you can imagine it can get a bit crowded.

Roof in Jaipur
Foto © Céline D'Aoust
Ganesh Temple
Foto © Céline D'Aoust

The city is very beautiful but also very dense, hectic and full of odours. The first day there is always a shock, it’s physical, as I said earlier, it has a grip on you. You always fall at the end of your fist day, because it’s a lot to take in, but only to get back up at sunrise and enjoy this wonderful city.

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