"In Hyères, everyone’s a winner"


Geschreven door Damien Ravn

We may not have won a prize, but like Style.com’s Tina Isaac said in her article ‘In Hyères, Everyone’s A Winner’!

Meanwhile, several finalists showed pieces that stood out in their own right, such as the leather jackets by the Russian-Latvian duo Victoria/Tomas, or Norwegian designer Damien Ravn’s rendition of medieval armor as an evening dress.

For a young designer, that is the big takeaway at Hyères: You may or may not score a place in the sun, but you’ve definitely moved onto the radar.’

True that. 

After the showroom was finished we rushed for the 2nd day of shows and after packing up the collections and freshening up at the hotel we headed to a massive after party by the beach where my whole Paris crew of friends were waiting for me! LOTS of kisses to Glenn, Maja, Annabel, James, Steph, Fred, Rain, Robin and all the others that came all the way from Paris to support me!! Steph hashtagged the weekend the #worstweekendever because of the weather, but I’m sure that little drama queen had fun. 

After Sunday’s last show, another amazing rainy party by the beach, Glenn’s big ol’ 3-0 bday, an after party at their villa and a walk of shame back with a GPS in the morning - just in time for breakfast - it was time to wrap it up...

Kinda sad that it was over so quickly, but we had such fun! We met so many amazing people, we experienced so many nice things, we worked our asses off and it was SO worth it!!

BIG congrats to - the one and only - winner of the Premiere Vision Grand Jury Prize Satu Maaranen. I knew you would win since I saw the polaroids of your fitting - well deserved! Another congrats to Camille Kuntz for the beautiful Chloé silhouette, to Shanshan Ruan for her Public of Hyères Award, Marion de Raucourt for theCamper Award and last, but not least, to my homegirl Yvonne Kwok for the Palais de Tokio Award!


After a quick brunch at the Villa we hugged goodbye to the sweet Laure Grandon, packed the van and headed downtown for a last lunch with the whole crew. Thank you for everything guys and all the best of luck to all of you in the future! See you soon!!!

xxx Damien.

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