How I spend my Sunday


Geschreven door Bobbi Brown

This is how I spend my Sunday...

I wake up around 6:30. I go into the kitchen and I make myself an Aloha green juice. I mix with water and drink it down really quickly, and then I make myself a double espresso. The greens alkalize your system so the coffee goes down better. I don’t eat anything. I should but I don’t. I’ll check Instagram first or my emails. I read two newspapers on my iPad — The New York Times and The New York Post. I’ll check Yahoo Beauty.

How I spend my Sunday
Foto © Bobbi Brown

Then my husband says O.K., I’m done, and we’re out. With nicer weather, we love walking outside. I wear a Nike FuelBand, and I get to 15,000 to 20,000 steps

How I spend my Sunday
Foto © Bobbi Brown

By 9 we are home. We’ll take a shower and maybe eat a snack. Then we’ll probably go meet my son Dylan and his girlfriend, Kim, for brunch. We make them pick the restaurant because they’re foodies. We’ll go anywhere from Freemans to places in the East Village.

Sometimes we’ll split up. The boys will go hit golf balls at the pier or go home and watch sports. Kim and I will go shopping and do girl things. We will then meet up with the boys and all go to a museum, either the Whitney, the Modern or the Met or we will see a new movie

At some point I always prepare vegetables for the week, so I can grab veggies on my way out the door. I’ll wash and slice cucumbers, take the ends off radishes, put those in a bag, carrots, celery.

When everyone’s home, we’ll have what we call family dinner. About eight to 12 people. The four of us, my other two sons who come in, and my two nephews. So many men in my life. Now you understand why I go shopping. I cook very simply, but I do—lots of farm fresh vegetables, a big salad, healthy grilled meats, like chicken, and a fish option. There will be one carb—either quinoa, black rice or baked sweet potatoes. There’s nothing better than simple food, prepared well. My husband does the wine, and I drink tequila. One tequila on the rocks, with fresh lime, and I’m good.

At around 9 or 9:30pm I get into bed with a basket of magazines and books and put the TV on, and then I instantly fall asleep.

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