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Although I have truly enjoyed every minute spent writing to you, I'm now so excited to jump on my Thalys for Paris Fashion Week - you have no idea.

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Speaking about Fashion Week, a lot of people already asked me how fashion week is and how do I get invited to see the shows - here is everything you've always wanted to know!

How do you get in?

I've been lucky enough to work with established international fashion houses for the past three years now. This has allowed me to build strong relationships with these brands and feel comfortable enough to ask to be part of their runway shows when and if there was an opportunity.

Who is usually invited?

Most people who get invited work closely with the brand. Seats are filled with editors in chief, journalists and fashion editors, but also with celebrities / ambassadors who will wear the brand for appearances during the season. A big part of the invitations goes to buyers from international shops, who will already select which piece they will order for the season to come.

Can I go?

I think I'm gonna make a few people happy here... YES, it is possible to access some shows during fashion week. Forget about sitting next to Rihanna at Dior, but for some less crowded shows, I often see some fashion students, patiently waiting for the last spots that might not be filled, and they very frequently get lucky! 

Last tips.

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See you in one of those fashion capitals !

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