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Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

Somebody give me a slap in the face and wake me up from this dream, as I can’t believe we’ve officially started the very first week of 2016.

This pretty much means that I’ll soon have to take baby O to day-care and to be honest I’m totally freaked out about it. Baby O has become the extended part of my arm and I’ve gotten way too used to having her around me like a little adorable monkey. 

Tiany Kiriloff Outfitpost Belmodo Pinko
Foto © Tiany Kiriloff

You should have seen us during our holiday in Costa Rica; I became the incarnation of the exemplary Latino mommy and her happy baby. I was totally at ease in the Costa Rican jungle of Osa, felt a bit like Jane with an offspring… totally invincible and ready to take on the world in not much more than a pair of slippers, a cotton skirt and a bathing suit. This in stark contrast with the truckloads of clothes one needs in our little Belgium.

Well I guess you can’t have it all and after all I must admit that I love layering clothes. 

Tiany Kiriloff Outfitpost Belmodo Pinko
Foto © Elien Jansen

Proof of that is my take on preppy, as I layer a graphical dress over a white crisp pussy bow blouse (one of fashion must haves nowadays) and finish it all off with this magnificent cropped jacket I found at Pinko… this is one of those statements pieces that I plan to use on repeat. I love the Céline inspired bell sleeves that add some punch and a couturesque touch to this blue jacket. I’ve already worn it with plain blue jeans, on skirts and dresses and I see us becoming best new friends! What a way to kick off 2016 no?

Tiany Kiriloff Outfitpost Belmodo Pinko
Foto © Elien Jansen

Oh and talking resolutions…I pretty much plan to make more photo albums with the gazillion pics I take, I want to run more on a weekly base, I also want to be more 'mommy' and be there even more for my girls and I have some wild professional ideas that I’m breeding on… more of that to come!

Stay cool & safe…


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Hair and MU by Kim Theylaert

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