Dream the World Awake


Geschreven door Geert Bruloot

Day two of my Belmodo.tv blog!

Foto © Geert Bruloot

Today I had to meet Walter Van Beirendonck and Paul Boudens at the Antwerp Fashion MuseumMOMU, for more preparative work on the MOMU-DREAM THE WORLD AWAKE exhibition which will open in Melbourne on July 15th next year. This will be MOMU’s fourth travelling exhibition!

Working with Walter takes one on a really wonderful trip. He’s one of my long time friends and has always been a genius of ideas and creativity. As Walter asked me to edit his MOMU exhibition of 2011, I immediately accepted because I knew he would take me on a journey into his very own fantasy world.

The pictures show Walter and Paul discussing the transformation of Walter’s Wonder World walls into one wall of 30 meters long by 8 meters high. I’m sure it will be an amazing presentation, showing not only Walter's main inspirations but as well the six major themes in his work in general.

Foto © Geert Bruloot

The Antwerp MOMU show proved to be a great success on all levels and so we hope to take the Aussies on another journey to 'Dream the World Awake'!

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