Day 7 in Paris


Geschreven door Romain Brau

Dear Day 7 in Paris! The last day of my entire week! I must admit yesterday I went out. I decided that dead or not I would go crazy.

"Dancing on tables" and "drinking a lot" were the key words of my night. But I won't go through all the details, I'm not so proud... and I don't remember a lot!

On this beautiful day 7 I decided that I shouldn't have breakfast at the hotel but instead on a terrace with one of my childhood friends and it's on my way there that I saw this beautiful girl. She was so sweet! I could have eaten her instead of my morning croissant! And I fell in love with her hair! She is a singer in Paris and she was on her way to see Jean Paul Lespagnard. What a coïncidence. Me too!

The showroom of Jean Paul was more then a showroom. A lot of his artpieces that he presented in Brussels a month ago were als in the showroom. The all world of Jean Paul was here to seduce us and to explain us the collection.

Obviously dealing with basketball.

The weather started to change and Paris was crying at the end of the fashion week. The cold wind was telling us to get of here. I had to go back to the showroom of Ann-Sofie Back. Where Jesus was waiting for us. Such a beautiful boy this Jesus:

He is one of the designers from the 'atelier'-line of Ann-Sofie Back. The Line Atelier is the catwalk collection, really amazing organdy silk with drapped jersey and wonderful wool. But it was hard to be concentrated. I didn't know Jesus was gay! Anyhow. Ann-Sofie Back was our last appointment. So Anna and I could finally go shopping.

Ohh sorry guys you'll be disappointed on this one. We didn't go to Le Bon Marché to find the last leather piece from Rick Owens. No! We are not like that. When we go shopping it's more to build our dream piece. And mine will be gold.

Anna and I are doing our own labels and right now I am working on a very veryyyyyyyyy golden jacket. Talking about gold, I think I forgot to talk about the golden crystal dress from Craig Lawrence. A real jewel! All knitted with a crystal yarn. We will get it in December this way my lovelies, you will be able to wear it for New Year's Eve or Christmas. Or to go out with the girls. Me, I will for sure!

Day 7 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau

And talking about going out! I was still in the mood. I had to pass by to see my dear friend Giulia Arnoux at the Face Bar. Giulia is single since a few weeks and she is eating all of Paris right now. I don't know anybody like her. She is happy and jumps everywhere and loves to make sure everyone is happy around her.

And tonight it's like she wants to share a lot I guess ... David LaChapelle had Pamela Anderson ... me, I have Giulia Arnoux.

And my little Cyrille joined us. He is a happy one too. It's always like this at the Face Bar. Just pop-in and enjoy.

But after a few sushis I was ready to hit the night. We went to the show of Manish Arora for Paco Rabanne.

The show was really crazy but the party was WOW! I usually never close the night club but somehow I needed to put a final point to my week. Doing my sex face at 'Le Renard' club, it's a new place in Paris not bad at all! Wish me good night...

Bye bye Paris ... Good morning Antwerp ... Tomorrow I'll be sharing my first crazy time back in Antwerp.

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