Day 7 + 1


Geschreven door Romain Brau

OOOOOOOOOOO MMMMMYYYYYYYYY GGGGOOOOOODDD!!! What a plus +1! When I say I wanted to go back to Antwerp I really meant it but perhaps not really in the rain.

A big clash to the reality. The rain ... the Thalys which is usually 30 minutes late. But I was too tired and I needed something more comfortable, something like our little RAAnna left with her boyfriend to relax somewhere in France and I felt I had to crash somewhere too, my home! But I couldn't go home before a little visit to our little RA

Taxi! Stop. It's here where the lights are full of colors and where people smoke cigarettes on the terrace. I could also smell the great smells from the kitchen. Oh yeah it's true, the autumn menu is on. Every 3 months the menu changes and this one looks like it's going to be amazing. I will do a proper post about our kitchen, it really is a special kitchen.

This is Hadas and Labsam, they are the best team. Did you ever come to the Thursday diner @ RA?

I forgot that we still have the exhibition from Cosmic Wonder in the gallery. It's in two parts, you have the corridor with a sound experience and after the famous balloon dress with the neon installation. The exhibition will go until this Wednesday. So hurry up if you didn't see it!

Close to the gallery they did a little Cosmic Wonder corner, with the new styles for this winter! Ohlalala ... Winter allready. Can you imagine! And at the entrance of the shop some cute faces. Miss Christie (who was in my bed in Paris a few days ago) and the sexy Yves.

I think I don't have any pictures of Christie without her phone. At the bar it was good to see Yu Wie. He is preparing me a strong fresh fruit juice because I need some power.

Let me show you our shop if you don't know it!

Ohhh!!! Yes of course! I am gone 3 weeks and I forget about everything. Narelle Dore is doing a beautiful rock in the shop to present her dresses close to the installation. I hope it will be finished tomorrow then I can show you her final result.

You should see those colours in real: it's not real! It's like we found what was the base of a rainbow. She is growing crystal on the rock. And everyday during a few weeks the rock will change and grow. I can't tell how beautiful her dresses are, when you are in front of her work you forget all the rest.

Let's have lunch now! Cedric Jacquemyn (men's designer) is coming to join me for lunch. We need to talk business!

We are both tasting the new menu ... ahahaha so good! Let me share what we've been eating:

Cedric started with a steamed barley with a selection of mushrooms cooked in cocoa butter and herbs and for the main he took the mixed flour pizza of the week. Hummm and me, I had corn on the cob with Indian chilli salt, lemon, juice and butter. And after I took the pasta with oven baked pumpkin, roasted hazelnuts, chilli and lemon oil, parmesan. Just to talk again about it I'm starving.

It's only on Thursday and Friday that we are open in the evening otherwise you are welcome from Wednesday to Sunday to have lunch with us and the breakfast during the weekend. 

I have a meeting now, I need to leave you my dear friends ... in a week next Saturday it will be RA's 2 years anniversary. I need to prepare this properly!


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