Day 6 in Paris


Geschreven door Romain Brau

It feels like I am writing the bible! On day 6 in Paris Anna and Romain were still crossing the desert with their donkey and they didn't had water for 4 days and food for a month...

It might be dramatic but it's a bit how I felt at the end of the famous day 6! But all good stories start with a good surprise. It's Christie! Under the blanket my little Christie Fels was sleeping very softly. You should have seen her! An angel in my cloud.

I secretly ordered two 'petit dejeuners' to wake her up in a correct French way with the great smell of butter from 'the croissant'.

Christie is our online shopmanager, she is from Cape Town in South Africa. She is a very important person in our team and she loves to realize miracles. Some of our clients like to call her the magician of RA! You want platform shoes from Rodarte? Pffff! 4 days later shipped from Belgium to Jakarta! You got it babe. She is probably making sure that one of our Korean clients received his 6 fur coats this morning...

That was a nice way to start my day, but talking about surprise; Mister Pierre Renaux... he just finished the 3rd year with a crazy slutty collection where you definitely understand the vision that he has of women. Or the woman he would like to be! But this morning Pierre and are sharing our love for Gareth Pugh. Especially this amazing coat that Pierre is holding. With just one click you pump-up the coat with a mini fan. This is definitely available at RA Antwerp and RA La Corderie in a few months. How could we live without a pumping coat from Gareth?

I could see Anna dancing in the streets, practising her electronic yoga moves? Hum no! Trying to re-invent the macarena maybe? Or some crazy Russian traditional dance in the middle of the road. Oh dear! Of course. She was trying to cat a taxi. IN PARIS! Nothing weird about it when I saw in my planning that our next appointment was RODARTE. Rodarte drives women crazy (like we just saw with Madame Anna Kushnerova), they are number one in New York.

They are dressing the biggest stars of the world and they are on the cover of the New York Times right now for NY fashion week. It's in one of the famous palaces of Paris that we shared the bed of Laura (one of the Rodarte sisters) to know more about the collection. Look how happy Anna is with this amazing piece of embroidery.

Day 6 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau
Day 6 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau

For the ones that missed the show: Laura is happy to show us her favourit silhouette, top, belt and skirt! Ravishing! Coming to RA in January of course... hihihi...

Right now with Maria from Moon Spoon Saloon... such a great label. When Copenhagen meets Los Angeles. Those guys can't stop it! So avantgarde, so extreme. We love them! And I am crazy about the shoes, I just got them for myself in light colours.

God the sun is burning and falling on us. The feeling of crossing the desert is coming to my mind. After looking for hours in Paris for a street and then the right door to enter. That brings you to the second right door where you need to invent a code because you don't know and then to climb 90 floors. That we finally met Creatures of the Wind!

I gave all my energy to climb those stairs but the simple vision of one of their dresses made me feel strong for the rest of my week. A really cute couple! So sweet and so pretty. But this dress. Look at this dress!!! As you can see Kristopher the main designer is sharing his excitement about it too.

But it's a sad end of the day! Monday 3rd was the end of the RA exhibition/showroom. And to see the sad faces of our friends/participants was really killing my heart.

My last kisses went to Sanne Schepers. She is from Maastricht and she is the winner of 'Lichting' the famous Dutch Fashion Competition. Her dresses taste like Elixir! All done by hand with the placement of ribbons and all pure silk, a true dream. Those dresses will arrive in a few days at RA in Antwerp. And it's our biggest pleasure to work on a special order for Paris in January. Sanne will work on a more couture direction. I can't wait to see the result!

8PM: I am dead alone on a terrace thinking 'What a day', happy to join a friend for diner and run to my bedroom.

DRinnggggggggg! DRingggggggg! DDDDDRRRRIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG! What? 
Romain it's Kuki! It's amazing! Europe A - the best radio of France - wants to do a live-interview with you in Hotel Costes in 20 minutes!'

What can I do about that? It's like some on comes over to you and says: 'Do you want to eat caviar tonight?' And you know you're not hungry...

For caviar and for an interview at Europe 1, RA will push its energy limits and will run to it! It was so much fun! It went so good that they want to have a story about how the shop is doing every week until the opening end of January.

This was day 6 in Paris with Anna and Romain your new best friends! Don't cry tomorrow is day 7 ... and 7 is 7 .... and normally after 7 there is 8 but we never saw a week of 8 days did we???? Maybe RA will tell you all about his first day back in Antwerp. Where everything is soft and calm. And people so crazy!

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