Day 5 in Paris


Geschreven door Romain Brau

Ahh Paris Paris Paris... why do we love you so much? So tender and romantic! But seriously, I'm missing Antwerp!

First thing in the morning, I had to go to the RA exhibition to check if there was some glasses or dead people in front of the door. The party was really wild yesterday and I just wanted to make sure that everything was fine. And thank God it was the case!

I also wanted to make sure that the videos of Chadd Curry were working properly. Our poor friend had to stay in London, he couldn't make it to Paris and I really wanted to help him to show his great work in Paris. His fan club was pretty hysterical yesterday night. We had people staying hours in his room. You can see his videos by clicking here and here.

After checking every corner of the exhibition Anna grabbed me in the street eating an ice cream bigger then her face to go and buy the collection of Meadham Kirchhoff

I got blind this morning by so much beauty. This is official! RA will be stocking the most beautiful and most expensive piece since we started.

If you again think "who on earth would were that?" Let me just tell you something, bitch! If you think you are clever with your jeans and your high boots and your cashmere cardigan you are wrong! No wonder no-one likes you... because with this dress you won't wear to impress but just to express. This is a part of a dream and vision that was created by the most talented designers in England, they understand women on their best moment and they want to drag them on their highest levels.

Anyway ... After a very hysterical moment with the dream dress we ran to Cosmic Wonder. We are very close to them and since years now their presentations in Paris are very famous. It's in their showroom that I finally met Kinocchi and Kiku. They do the patterns (on the left) and the marketing (right). We are now doing an exhibition in the RA gallery in Antwerp. You should check it out! It is still on until October 15th.

Day 5 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau
Day 5 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau

Then after we went to Galerie Vivienne to visit our Antwerp friends. First Helena Lumelsky with her family. We couldn't control it and we had to buy some beautiful evening dresses from her for the future shop in Paris.

A few meters next to Helena we went to see Heaven Tanudiredja, he is the pinnacle of high craziness in jewelry! Full gold structure with crystal embroideries. Heaven was with us in class in the Academy and in his second year he left for Paris to work at the Haute Couture at Dior. After he worked at Cavalli. Then after working at Dries Van Noten he realised he had to start his own accessory collection. And now he is one of the best in what he does, and all made in Antwerp! Ohhhh Yeahhhhh!!

Running late for the presentation of Kenzo. But my friends are here and I can't say hi to them. Beautiful smile from the best team of Vogue Italia! I love them and they did a lot for RA.

So hop hop hop! Kenzo here we go. Like you should know Kenzo is now designed by the same designers from Opening Ceremony. We really love them, they also carry few designers that we support in their shop. Like Hous of Matching Colours by Paula Selby.

A few looks that you might find at RA in a few months. After we went to see Eliza Palomino and Justin Smith Esquire... in a beautiful salon in a high class hotel. Couture moment:

And after then I was on my best, dying in my appartement. The only thing I wanted to see was this! My Paris! 

See you tomorrow! xxxx Romain.

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