Day 4 in Paris


Geschreven door Romain Brau

Hmmmm so good to sleep more than 4 hours today! I must admit I am a bit scared of today. The party opening of tonight will be heavy.

I just got the confirmation of Pernod for the bar and they accepted to cover the event! It's going to be absinthe all over Paris tonight.

Just before, we are going to start with the shoes from Opening Ceremony. I want to visit my friend Etienne Doereux. It's his first collection and I was surprised to discover very mature work for a first one. Etienne studied with us in Antwerp and he also did few years in La Cambre in Brussels.

How to say no to this? The pony skin is burnt and forms a snake pattern. When you touch it, it gives a great feeling. After taking it easy in Le Marais we decided to splash ouselves in "Rendez Vous" a very big fair where all the commercial/edgy fashion is presented and great collections... We are having an appointment with Mikio Sakabe:

This print was dragging me to heaven... a simple jersey with a central print and all around the red flower is a beautiful embroidery. It's a try-out for a t-shirt!

Driinnnnnnnngggg drinnnnnngggg!!!!!! "Guys where are you???"
"At Rendez-Vous, why?"
"You are late"
"Fuck, Jutta?? I am so sorry!"

Magic carpet and hop... house of fun at Bernhard Willhelm

Hello you ... Jutta Kraus, Bernhard's accomplice. They just arrived from Mexico and Anna and I really wanted to get few dresses for the Parisian shop. Magic patterns! The way they drape and cut is really unique. The famour 'carré' pattern. And some tie-dye here and there! We will never stop loving the work of Bernhard and Jutta. Accept the fact that Jutta looks onfire today and I really wanted to show you their beautiful little garden on their roof!

After lunch we had to go to visit Hui-Hui the Antwerp designer, two sisters from Germany. She just gave birth! Her daughter made me forget I was in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. I just wanted to play with her nonstop. So beautiful. A beautiful little dress from Hui-Hui.

After this appointment I had to run to order ice cubes, glasses, dj-set and all the rest to make a great and strong party. What a beautiful bar! Every time Pernod is supporting us. It's always such an honour to work with them. Here are a few pictures of the party:

Day 4 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau
Day 4 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau

Rad Hourani and Elisabeth came to visit us. Oure Japanese friends with Sayaka and Anna. 

And what's your name????:-) Plus La bellissima Violaine.

Ffriends!!! With shiny eyes...

Antwerp Academy power... Mikio Sakabe, Helena Lumelsky, Demna Gvasalia and Jen Fang.

Mister X Factor England and our famous Tracy Sedino from Linda Farrow.

I love our neighbours... they are just pretty cool.

On the scooter of Serkan Cura with the team of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Balenciaga. If you want to know what I am wearing ... Bernhard Willhelm of course!

xxx. tot morgen.

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