Day 3 in Paris


Geschreven door Romain Brau

Let me sleep! I knew it was a bad idea to drink cocktails all night long at Silencio. Silencio is the new bar of David Lynch.

Let me sleep! I knew it was a bad idea to drink cocktails all night long at Silencio. Silencio is the new bar of David Lynch. So a big hangover was joining me this Friday morning. A single look at my planning put me right back in place ... Romain! You are here for work.

10AM "eatable of many orders" was our first appointment. Beautiful bag in leather and wood! Really amazing pieces, when leathers and wood-goods meets art.

Ohhh!!! So beautiful! Koji Arai "eatable of many orders" was with us at school. He was graduating when I was in my first year. Now he collaborates with Yoko on their line.

This is Yoko, with her amazing shoes with a turning ball in wood within the heel. We received them at RA for this winter. If you want to see it close click here.

After we had to run to a show... Charlie Le Mindu. We like what he does, he normally presents in London but this time he came back to where he belongs, la France.

A show full of surprises...

And for the finale! L'incroyable and unique Rossy De Palma! The muse for years of Jean-Paul Gaultier and Pedro Almodovar.

After this hysterical moment full of shaved pussy, kilos of hair stripes on sexy dresses and Orlan, Pam Hogg, Julien Fournier, Jean Paul Cauvin, Kapauff and all the other best freaks of Paris we had to run to the lunch party of the London Showroom. The best showroom in Paris during women's fashion week. Nice music, good food and all their designers close to their work.

Day 3 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau
Day 3 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau

First we went to meet James Long, he does mainly menswear but since two seasons women's as well. We couldn't say no to this beautiful sequin dresses. How amazing and precious is this dress???? I want it now! I'm not going to be able to wait until January. This dress will only go to Paris for sure!

My little Anna with her big eye! After the James Long episode, we found Simone Rocha! Simone is stocked in all the best and egiest shops of Paris. We are very happy to work with her, of course when we saw those shoes we just went for it! Just like that! Paffffff!

Ooohh my Loulou! Friends! This is Louise Gray! The original color player. This girl is one of the most talented designers we have in the shop. Her vision of clothing and dressing is unique. Louise is wearing a beautiful silk chiffon top in red that we selected for the shops. 

And then at the end of the day... Bless! We did a very secret order for the new shop in Paris! Only one piece edition. Crazyyyyyyy.

I arrived in the new shop redecorated since the end of the Biennale in Arnhem where RA and Bless and many others were presenting an exhibition about fashion. How to end a day! A cocktail of course. And it's at Mykita sunglasses cocktail that I met the designers and their team and this great exhibition. But then it's time to go and close the RA exhibition. Everyone was happy, some nice shops came to visit us. Obviously everyone is waiting for the big opening party tomorrow!


Ohh Zoé! Zoé Vermeire ... those shoes, we need to find a way to produce them. Women will scream to get them. NOW! I close the door, and I need to run to eat something. It's time to eat! A little couscous at Homar in Rue de Bretagne and hop ... hmmmm ....

I hope tomorrow I will have some more fun pictures from our week in Paris.

Million of kisses

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