Day 2 in Paris


Geschreven door Romain Brau

Miaaw Miawww!!!! Beautiful Paris ... the sun is shining!!! So I will go for my naked look! ANNNNNNNAAAAAAA!!! Wake up my love! Yoga & meditation.

Miaaw Miawww!!!! Beautiful Paris ... the sun is shining!!! So I will go for my naked look! ANNNNNNNAAAAAAA!!! Wake up my love! Yoga & meditation. Anddddd Rad Hourani! 10 AM: Mister Rad was doing his eternal joke of 'No! I won't open the door. My collection is not ready!' Ahahahah I love his little face!!!

Finally a bit of blue in his work. It was really beautiful... We still have his beautiful leather jackets in RA so for our new order we went for something more 'chic' and summery! And then we took our magic carpet to fly to the Valery Demure showroom ... Swash, Elya Fleet, Amor Ir ...; our accessories paradise.

We also spotted some very beautiful sunglasses. I can imagine Tiany naked under a black jersey cape with just these sunglasses... from Amor Ir of course! We just received his winter collection in RA a few days ago. Oh and here a gorgeous bag from Elya Fleet.

The leather is so amazing you can't say no! It is just the perfect size for an iPad.

Let's say it was an accessory morning! We were expected at Arielle De Pinto showroom after. Always eating chocolats and talking about weird artists that cross the ocean with a plastic boat. Arielle is very inspiring for us. We have the same age and we all work hard for what we love. It's such a pleasure to discover her beautiful pieces in gold and silver and the amazing semi-precious stones.

After a very nice lunch around the corner of our RA exhibition, we decided to visit some of our exhibitors to order some beautiful stuff. Myrza Demuynck just graduated from Central St.Martins' School and she is exhibiting her work with us this season. She does amazing embroderies on silky trainers. Crazy work I must say!

Day 2 in Paris
Foto © Romain Brau
Le Face Bar
Foto © Romain Brau

Close to Myrza we went to see Pierre-Antoine Vettorello. This young French boy just arrived from New York where he just showed his collection. Pierre-Antoine was together with Anna and myself at school. He is a close friend and we are crazy about his work. Here is Anna wearing one of his latest hats. Just amazing...

It was really nice to visit our own showroom today, we always try to support the young designers that we meet all around the world and by organizing this exhibition in Paris we have the opportunity to regroup everyone in one place. How great is that for RA! We can take time to talk with them and touch their creations and work with them.

After this second day of work I wanted to show you one beautiful picture of the show from Gareth Pugh we went to see yesterday:

I had to sit close to the photographers to get such a nice picture. I really loved the show. It was a good mix of his first experimental work with the maturity that he got after those years. 

And what do we do in Paris when we worked all day and feel dead? We go an have a drink in the best bar of Le Marais which is ... Le Face Bar

My darling friend Cécile David, one of the best stylists in Paris joined me together with Daniel Lee. Daniel is an exhibitor at the RA showroom. They had an R'nB party all evening long. It was really cool! I guess the girl on the left is a bit bored though:-)

It was lovely to talk with you, see you tomorrow for some more adventures.

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