Chloé’s new it-bag


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

Let me introduce you; the brand new adorable & totally covetable bag from Chloé.

After having caused a commotion with its predecessor, the Drew bag, our beloved Chloé once more nails it with a brand new adorable & totally covetable bag. Let me hereby introduce you to the Georgia: sophisticated, discreet, practical and totally stylish at the same time.

This cutie is all you need and incredibly compact. I’m totally done with gigantic bags nowadays and just adore the freedom of having a bag that will not put any strain on your shoulder.

Besides having the Georgia cross-body model, you can now also indulge in their chained belt bag exemplar, which is equally adorable, though edgy because of the chain. 

Totally true, you’ll still pay an average € 600 for this beauty, but in the designer it-bag world this is what we call fairly priced … and if you get lucky like I did, you might just be able to find the adorable Georgia on sale.

You can buy this amazing Chloé bag at Sevens.

Henegouwenstraat 34 - 38, 9000 Gent

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