Charlotte the great


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

Charlotte Tilbury is a talented make-up artist who has her own brand. And I had the opportunity to meet her. Her cosmetics are now available at De Bijenkorf.

Charlotte Tilbury has always been one of my backstage heroes. I remember meeting her during the shows of my favourite designers as the key make-up artist and instantly falling in love with her and her ever so enthusiastic vibe and positive energy. She’s the type of lady that empowers women; she will instantly talk you into saying ‘yes’ to whatever you might consider impossible and once she starts chatting about her fabulous beauty products you’ll hang on her every word and you’ll probably end up having a never-ending wish-list of heaps of Charlotte Tilbury goodies. The lady is what I call contagious and so are her products.

Charlotte the great
Foto © Tiany Kiriloff
Charlotte the great
Foto © Belmodo

Charlotte has been beautifying ladies for more than 25 years now and her magic hands have worked the faces of every single top model;

  • Kate Moss: check,
  • Naomi Campbell: check,
  • Helena Christensen: check,
  • Gisele Bündchen: check… you have three hours? As the list is endless!

The lady has J.Lo, Penelope Cruz and Rihanna on speed dial and heaps of red carpet celebrities thank their beauty looks to this talented make-up wonder. So after years of mixing products like an alchemist to obtain the ideal colour or structure, Charlotte poured all her beauty secrets and passion into her very own beauty label.

“With the right make-up, every woman can conquer the world,” says Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte the great
Foto © De Bijenkorf

Charlotte Tilbury – the beauty brand - turns out to be an extended collection of beautifiers and make-up goodies made for the modern ladies that rush through life, meaning: easy to apply.  

Like in fashion she decided to create a “make-up wardrobe” with 10 different looks and the products that will help you create these looks. The Magic Cream is a worldwide hit created to make your skin look all glowy and dewy and prepped to perfection for your further make-up routine. Her Magic Foundation is a must to cover imperfections and I am already totally addicted to her K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks that come in beautiful hues and make your lips feel soft and look perfect.

All of the fabulous Charlotte Tilbury magic, all her tips & tricks and her best-kept beauty secrets are now exclusively available via De Bijenkorf, order early in the morning and you’ll have your goodies within 24 hours. And if you have the chance, go to De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam as the Charlotte Tilbury corner is all of that & so much more!

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